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SHOULD Size Matter?

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What SHOULD Matter?

So apparently size and more matters when it comes to anchors.

Check out Uncle Barky’s thoughts on the matter – interesting.

Do we really care who we hear who killed who from? A pleasant personality and speaking manner is all I require? What about you?

Folks visit the site. See what you think. Is it time change some thangs? Don’t get mad at me I’m just tellingitlikeit T-I-Tiz!

My New Muse!

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Generous John!! and the Giant Jet! off to Haiti he fleww…

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I have a friend that complains about how people only help when there is a crisis.  I have another Haitian friend who believes that Haiti will be used as a publicity stunt for many and lose its long fought for autonomy due to the earthquake.  It’s not the earthquake and restructuring he’s worried about it’s the ensuing non-military occupation of his home country that he’s worried about.

In the mean time John Travolta flew his personal Jet to Haiti with 4 tons of supplies, equipment, and physicians. That’s what I’m talking about.  Those that can DO!  While the rest of us either sit around and complain or wish we could.

This is not the first time he’s showed his generosity.  He flew his Jet to help those in need in the aftermath of Katrina as well. If we could all be so generous, this world we be a different place.

Way to go John!  I am now an admirer (never a fan!)

I’m just telling it like it T-I-Tiiz!

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Air America Radio goes SILENT today – YOU LOSE.

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Air America Radio will have an extended moment of silence today. In other words, it will be permanently go OFF Air. It will no longer bring it’s listeners/supporters the alternative progressive news that they are accustomed to receiving since its debut in 2004.

After years of financial struggles and multiple owners, the radio station has concluded that it can not maintain its current financial status and is filing for bankruptcy. Having opened its doors in the RED, surviving the changing mediascape, in addition to an unprecedented economic downturn, the radio station was at best – a long shot.

Having turned to the radio station for its fresh presentation of the politics, I was shocked to learn of its fate. Although a neophyte, Air America Radio, seemed a fixture in our daily lives, as fixed as CNN or NPR. It was an alternative option providing us with some of the progressive voices we know best.

Not everyone thought so

I began to ask myself a question. How come all the hoopla because one company did not survive. In our capitalistic society it’s survival of the fittest. Air America Radio’s is just another company that didn’t make it.

There is more here than meets the eye:

What have we truly lost? What happens to freedom of choice when there is no choice? Air America is another casualty in a long line of casualties caused by the greed that has led to a recession worse than the Great Depression. Moreover, besides our loss of choice, it represents the slow ebb of life from our traditional media sources. Finally, it yet again, brings us square in the face with the reality of our current state of affairs. Air America radio is another good man down.

When the economic downturn reaches your door – you notice and you can ignore it. When it smacks you in the face – let’s just say you have to work a lot harder to ignore it.

I just tell it like it T-I-Tiiz!

Have a moment of silence for Air America Radio. It was good while it lasted.

visit their farewell here:

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HP computers RACIST!!!

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This is hilarious!!

Please note for all you sensitive people:

This is done very tongue and cheek. There’s obviously a “special setting” or lighting issue being overlooked.  However, with advances in technology, you would think this would NOT be an oversight.

Enjoy!!!Please watch in the spirit of the video. If you leave anything to risque you will not be approved although I welcome your comments pro or con for the video.  I don’t like to censor… Just be easy.  Play like adults. 🙂

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“Hit The Bitch” – A NEW Danish App?

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First. What do you think about a game called “Hit The Bitch?”  I want you to remember what feelings or thoughts it evokes.  Write em down whatever you have to do, just remember them.

Now…It’s the new Danish platform to promote awareness AGAINST domestic violence.

I first learned about this on Blogher while perusing the health section. Read the article tell me what you think.

There’s a lot of things that can be said:

Does it reach its intended audience? Yes.

Does it promote awareness of the issue? Yes. (look we’re all discussing and even outraged)

Does it promote awareness AGAINST violence? I’m not so sure…

When our younger community is NOT easily swayed by scare tactics or moved by statistics.  Is this the guerilla style tactic we have to resort to in order to reach this audience? Be realistic.  There are tv series about robin hood style serial killers and rogue plastic surgeons….

It’s definitely an “in your face” campaign and may be NOT to the liking of some or MOST folks.  If nothing else…it has people talking/buzzing?  I’ve seen other campaigns like the European Don’t lose your head HIV campaign…it was racy and controversial. (beware of pics before you click!) Even our super heroes have been used to get the message across!  Is this different?

I’d love to hear what teens think about it. What about Danish teens?

Here are some male thoughts on the matter:

Male Blogger 1

Male Blogger 2

What are your thoughts? By all means…let’s discuss.

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Opera is officially My NEW Hero!

Opera is officially My NEW Hero!

I have been struggling lately with lots of COMPUTER woes. My beloved Mac became sluggish.  I kinda’ figured is was due to the usage of 178 GB of used space on my 180GB hard drive.  Being the work-a-holic that I am, I still expect to be productive with GB and I expect my mac book PRO to hang with me during my spurts of productivity (actually these don’t come often).  Well….I couldn’t be productive b/c I STILL need a new External HD and well the MacBook just doesn’t like to have little to NO HD space.  So onward was the search to fix this problem.  The problem is further amplified by the need to research the problem on the computer!! The very same computer that needs an external HD and has only 2GB of memory that seems to disappear with the slightest bit of use.  My internet itself is invariably slow (part of the research) and Airport seems to be working ineffectively (or is it)?  The need to know WHY potentiates a vicious cycle of lack of Knowledge, deficiency of Hardware, and reduced Productivity I’d rather not repeat on a regular basis.  Well, hallelujah!!! in my painful Google search, I came across this one website with some useful tips: <a href””   What a great website. I’m still not sure how I got there…maybe Zen found me (no really it had to). It’s a good thing too. Whew! Some of the stuff was a bit over the zen top…bookmarks? shortcuts?  This gadget girl with the small attention span would explore those things later.  Maybe. Hopefully, I’ll try those tips another day. However, the take home message I walked away with TODAY? the one I truly appreciate? …. is…..(drumroll please)……SWITCH to OPERA!!! and so I did. Right now I am enjoying my new experience freshly installed on the Macbook pro with only 2GB of memory left without any problems, Opera. I don’t know if I can get by without my plugins on Firefox and what about my delicious bookmark thingy?

Something can be said for trying something new. Maybe you should too.

I’m just tellin’ it like it Tiiz!!!

Flickr Goes Down! People Go Crazy!

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So this morning I was desperately wondering what was going on with my computer and why I couldn’t load or get on flickr. Then I realized after several attempts, checking my cache, and tweaking my mac…Flickr has to be down. My first instinct was to google it. So I got my little fingers to do the walking and the internet did the talking. I was reassured by online media (, that I was not going crazy. It’s funny how you have to second guess your system before you are able to synthesize that yep…it might just be them and not me!! whew! I was so not ready to go in to the apple store. After a few hours (all morning). Flickr seems to be up and buzzing.

Jon & Kate & Child Labor Laws – WTH?

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When we first met them we were in awe:  They were the brave couple who would dare to take on the task of sextuplets + the twins they already had…and survive.  Everyone who hear their story was in endeared by their heroic efforts (c’mon you watched their reality show!).  Americans and American companies were proud to lend and hand and align themselves with the couple and their 8 children.  The story was so compelling that TLC brought you their day-in-day-out story straight to your home…weekly even.  You got to spend some quality time with Jon & Kate and their 8 while sharing quality time with your own family.  You could share in their ups and downs and thank goodness that you weren’t in the same predicament.  Even more exciting was watching the 8 little munchkins grow and HOW Jon & Kate made it work.

Well…truth is…IT DIDN’T WORK. Jon and Kate fell into the same trap that 60% of all married couples fall into…”wow, didn’t think they really meant for better or worse” and “Oops…we had kids?” = DIVORCE.  Now that we see that our cherished valiant couple aren’t infallible after all…the voyeurs have had their fill of Jon & Kate– It’s time to cross them off the dessert menu!  With their failing failed marriage and tabloid rumors, everyone has gotten over the last euphoric first 5 years, quickly.  Even the government wants a piece of the once cute family — by investigating violation of Child Labor laws?   If this is true, you have to ask yourselves a few poignant questions…why now at this stage in the game? It’s been five years!! Have child labor laws changed drastically in the past 5 years? Where was the government 5 years ago?

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin Violating Child Labor Laws? | The Frisky

We have a habit of making celebrities.  There would be nothing wrong with that if we didn’t make them and then abandon them when they are not living up to our expectations. 

The Gosselins: We built them up, now it’s time to tear them down — like we always do.  Americans…so predictable when their bored.

Don’t get mad at me…I’m just tellin’ it like T-I-Tiiz!

I will NOT read your F!@##$ Script!

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Sometimes we ask things of other people without asking ourselves what our asking means. (a purposely confusing statement for the conundrum we often create)  Confused? While screenwriter Josh Olson wrote crudely on the subject,  it was exactly the right point of view to get point across to those of us who just don’t get it!

Should you really ask? What exactly ARE you asking?

I’ve often consented to doing “favors” for others “gratis”, both within and outside my realm of expertise.  However, me myself, I tend to have a lot of guilt about asking others for their input in my personal and business endeavors.  For whatever reason, when I am asked –I just can’t say “NO.”  There have been very few times when I say, “no” (usually due to previous obligations or my inability to oblige) but more times than I can count where I’ve said, “yes.”  (insert sigh here)

After I’ve agreed and committed myself to undertaking someone else’s task I have taken on a duty.   I place an extreme amount of time and thought into my efforts.  Yet, to no avail. It seems that no one really gets it (it really doesn’t matter who asked).

I will stress about the deadline (even a perceived deadline), have increasing anxiety about the time it was taking me, skipped a few meals in order to make up for that time, passed on another appointment, neglected some of my own work, obligations, duties, chores, or worse…family.  In the end, someone says, “thanks” or “that’s ok, I got soandso to do it” or “I’ll keep that in mind.”  All the hours of built up tension and hesitation at presenting a result less than par because a certain somebody entrusted you with something that may or may not impact their future, comes to an unclimactic poof.  Whatever. Right?  I could NOT agree with Josh Olson more.  I second his emotion and that of other fields that run into the same dilemma.

Excerpt from the Article by Josh olson:

“There’s a great story about Pablo Picasso. Some guy told Picasso he’d pay him to draw a picture on a napkin. Picasso whipped out a pen and banged out a sketch, handed it to the guy, and said, “One million dollars, please.”

“A million dollars?” the guy exclaimed. “That only took you thirty seconds!”

“Yes,” said Picasso. “But it took me fifty years to learn how to draw that in thirty seconds.’ “

I think Josh Olson’s tone in this article is perfectly suited for the encountering audience.  Good job Josh! Way to be a dick!

“So the next time you engage a so-called friend, or friend of a friend or otherwise forcefully demanding “gratis” = FREE services/ consultation from them (doesn’t matter for what) under the usual unoriginal guise of friendship-related contractual obligation–ask yourself what am I truly asking for? Would I do the same for them?  How should I respond after they’ve given this professional gift of their own free will? Finally ask yourself …Are you really that good of a friend?

I just have to say it…..” I will NOT read your F!@#$! Script! I will NOT write your F!@#$% recommendation, paper, letter, give my opinion, take your photo, photoshop your picture, come to your event, write about that event,  blog for you etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ” Whew…

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!