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American Idol: 10 to go!

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O.K. I am back with a morning post!! This one won’t take long!!

The Bottom 3: Phil, Sanjaya, and Brandon!!

I would’ve pegged 2 out of the 3. I would have also included Chris Richardson or Blake Lewis!! I would not have included Phil as creepy as he is!! He has a better voice than Chris or Blake. Here’s how you know that it is NOT just about the singing. C’mon. Chris looks better and may even move better than Phil (even though Chris can’t dance himself). America doesn’t need another boy band b-boy! Please let him go soon. I don’t vote. I leave it up to those folks who are going to buy the albums.

Brandon: So long. Thank you America!!!! Please leave your card (previously mentioned ) at the door on your way out! You had a great smile maybe even a great attitude, but you just didn’t float my boat. This IS a competition. You were average and definitely not an AI!!

Sanjaya: It’s too bad we couldn’t get rid of two people. I’ve decided he’s just not cute enough to stick around. He needs to go back to high school. Isn’t prom coming up? I’m not sure if he’s going with a girl or a guy but whatever!! Don’t waste his time any longer!! He needs some more coaching and maybe he’ll make it on Broadway. But you have to project there too…geesh. Good luck Sanjaya because you are definitely NOT the next AI!!!

Phil: Are you practicing in the mirror?? Get it together or you’re outta here!! Get a wig or something too. This brush with being ousted may mean you don’t have a shot at being the next AI. Ooops did I say that? Don’t get mad at me…I’m just Tellin it Like it T-I-Tiz!!!

Before I sign out!! Diana Ross is an icon of HER ERA!!! This is not her era. That’s one thing we can’t deny. I respect her for the classy woman she represents and the time she represents. O.K.

Now the good stuff: I wonder who she had to pay to get on AI? Her songs are difficult to sing for real vocalist. No wonder the wannabe AIs are having difficulty. There’s a difference between a vocalist and someone who sings on key and can hit the correct notes. Only Diana can sing Diana songs. That was one of the problems right? Did any one see Dream Girls? The story that wasn’t about the supremes?? (wink, wink). I believe this come-back attempt was probably suggested to her by her aged friend Lionel Richie!! But, what he forgot to tell was to get her daughter’s help in reviving her career!!! Diana– not to disrespect Oh Diva Queen…you gotta’ use ALL your resources to get what you want! Just to let you in on a secret, your brand of singing is not coming back in style for the masses.

My advice: (and I give this advice with all due respect) Stick to the casino shows and lounges or something and quit subjecting America to your feeble attempts at being reborn. How old are you again? That was out of line…I know but…

Hey!! Don’t get made at me….’cuz I’m just Tellin it Like it T-I-Tiz!!!


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