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Caught up on American Idol—Whew!!!

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The Sanjaya you gotta see!!!O.K. Thanks to a friend (taping the show) — Thanks girl!!, one of those morning shows, and some great anal bloggers!! I’m all caught up!!  I’m here to tell ya’ it’s a good thing that I didn’t miss out this week because this one’s a doozie!!  Because I’m compelled to: Here’s me Tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!

The theme for this week: Gwen Stefani’s (GS) favorites!! I absolutely love Gwen Stefani and her many looks, fun persona, and youthful attitude!! Not too many people could pull HER off.  Does AI create these types of challenges on purpose?  Some of the most difficult singers to sing.  I mean…GS comes with her own personality that’s why her songs and her early bands worked!!

Sanjaya.  Sanjaya.  Sanjaya.  I hate to give the boy (this status reflects his decision making skills) my opening comment because he really doesn’t deserve ANY.  But, Tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz sometimes comes with its hardships!! Some things HAVE to be said even when we all know nothing should be said at all.  So, I take this great burden that I have and will do as I am charged.

 WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING??????? It’s my understanding they have stylists.  That’s not helping?  They should find said stylists and remove any credentials, licenses or hope for ever getting another position in style or fashion.  The rooster effect hawk is not meant for an AI, it’s meant for a runway model with an eccentric designer who is trying to sell ridiculous non-wearable exotic wear!  Please yell it out loud with me…”This is a Travesty!!”

 My second take on the matter: maybe this was a cry help?  Sanjaya feels the AI title slipping away and is reaching out in a desperate effort.  Maybe he and his parents are smarter than we all think!! Creating publicity, controversy, and sympathy is what he needs to keep him on AI!!   There are lots of entertainment youth who create buzz and publicity around themselves.  Why should Sanjaya be different.  This one just chose the wrong path.  I continue to ask the question I was asking previously.   Where, Where are his parents?  What advice are they providing?  They couldn’t have had knowledge of this fiasco.  Isn’t there a law against neglect?  This is pure neglect on their part: to allow their son to go out into the world without sheilding him from the worst of the worst…himself!!  This will truly go down in AI history!! I feel so bad for Sanjaya and his family.  Please.  Please.  Just vote him off!!

Puzzled: How the heck is he still here and sweet Stephanie Edwards is voted off??? I can’t add enough question marks.  This is truly a children’s popularity contest.  Yes, adults may be watching…but I believe its the tweens who are voting.  How else is Sanjaya still here.  I think I would stop watching forever if Sanjaya won.  (O.K.  But, I would watch the funny auditions part.   That’s just hilarious!)

Melinda DoLittle: She just refuses to dress well.  Simon was right on the money with this one!! Her voice is not the question, her style is.  Was she raised by her grandparents?  Probably.   I bet, if someone asked, she would say she spent a great deal of time worshipping her grandmother’s style.  She comes across as a very sheltered girl trying to come out of her shell.  It’s like a collision between Walmart and Target!  Somebody save this woman.  She was a back-up singer right?  For who exactly?  I’ll have to look that one up.  Maybel that’s the problem.  As a background singer who cares what you wearing…and it shows!!

Advice: Ask someone you trust BEFORE coming out on stage.  No one wants their mother to be the next AI.

Chris Sligh:  Chris’ song was OFF this week.  He really needs to be ON!  His voice is all he’s got going for him.  Unfortunately, I believe looks and personality have a lot to do with the outcome of AI!! In fact, Good Morning America stated that a lot of the AI’s style had to do with it.  Once they’ve gussied the contestant all up…fans just love them for their “look”.  Hmmm.  I’m just wondering where Chris can go.  He’s not that upbeat.  He doesn’t move much when he sings or compensate in any 0ther way.  He just has an unexpected unusually great voice and unusually curly hair (that I like actually!!).  Where is going?  I don’t think all the way to AI stardom. 

Advice: See Lakisha’s.

LaKisha Jones: I’ll have to agree with other bloggers.  Lakisha was starting to depress me.  She finally came out with a song with energy.  Her voice can move you to tears with slow songs but, can she make you get out of your seat and dance that’s what I really wanted to know.  We do know now that she can perform up tempo.  Good job.   I hate to mention her weight for all you sensitive people out there…but she could work on it.  Did I mention her weight? 

 Advice: Slim–Fast!! Super Fast!!!

Don’t get mad at me, I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!  …saying what the rest of the world is thinking.

Gina Glocksen: One of my favorite gals!! She has such a fun personality.  If it were personality alone…I think she should win!!  I think AI’s should be like people you would love to be around.  You want to be at that concerts ’cause you know they’ll be fun!   Her song was good for her voice.  She’s starting I think Simon just wants attention “cheese”?  You just can’t be good for a whole episode can you Simon?  Sanjaya gave himself to you and you had to go after my girl Gina.  I guess we’ll forgive him since he still liked her in the end.  Plus, this would be no fun without Simon…right?

Advice: Practice not being so star struck!!

Haley Scarnato: Sleepy!  Sleepy! Sleepy!! Paula…I didn’t know why but, you put it into perspective.  She’s just not fun.  She has a great voice but, maybe she should be in a play or with Jordin on Disney.  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t want to listen to her for long.  She has an o.k. voice just no uumph!

Phil Stacey: Not much to say.  I think this is one of Phil’s best performances vocals.  He’s still pretty creepy though. 

Advice: Continue to practice moves in the mirror and quit staring!!! 

Jordin Sparks:  There’s NO DOUBT about it!  Pun intended!! This is not my favorite contestant but the judges seem to like her.  Especially Randy and Simon.  Really?  I’m just stunned.  If your audience is 13,  she’s your girl.  But, I’m under the assumption that AI should have a wide appeal.   She just annoys me.  Sort of like when Mariah Carey first came out but, worse.   She has an o.k. voice.  Now that her hair is straight…I still don’t like her.  She’s not something I would want to look at over and over or hear over and over!!

Advice: Call Disney!!

Blake Lewis:  I’ll don’t agree with the judges that his rendition was unique.  A cover of this same song has been done before.  He’s the Best Pick for the men.  The only one that has a remote possibility of a TRUE AI package!!  He’s unique, the fans enjoy him etc. etc. etc.  The men as a whole in the words of Shania Twain: “[They] don’t impress me much!!. ” 

Advice: Keep working on it.  You’d hate Phil to out dance you!!

Don’t hate me–I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!

Chris Richardson:  I really think he’s one of the tween favorites.  He’s around for the same reason that Sanjaya is!!!  His vocals have never been on point.  I can’t get past that!!  How can you like the arrangement Randy and Simon when the vocals are wack?  Chris Richardson is just another copycat of a b-boy band member!!

Advice: Drop the b-boy act and maybe you could sing better!!

Summary: Booo Sanjaya.  Chris Richardson should not be here.  Chris Sligh is probably going down.  People are bored with Lakisha and Haley.  Gina & Melinda are pretty consistent and getting better.  Both are working on their style.  Some of its working…some of its not.

Who’s going home?  In my dreams Sanjaya and Jordin.  Probably Chris or Haley. 


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