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American Idol says Good-bye to Chris!!

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American Idol just lost its variety with Chris being gone.  As goofy as he looks, he’s the only truly different (non-intentionally) character on the show.  I wish this guy the best of luck.  I mean who would’ve thought on first glance that he had as much talent as he did.  He had way more talent than Sanjaya!!  It was his personality.  I tried to give him advice and he didn’t listen.  He’s definitely no Hurley (LOST reference for those of you who don’t watch!! …What am I saying everybody watches LOST!!)–in other words there was a lacking personality there and I couldn’t bear to have to hear from him over and over.  Goodbye Chris.  Haley’s next!!

Maybe Chris will do some Slim Fast magic and try again next year!! or maybe he’ll make this into something none of us have even thought of. 

 Gwen Stefani as always was hot but her performance wasn’t her greatest.   I can’t stand Akon.  If he has a recording contract…I should get one too!!  He’s horribly annoying with that voice of his.  You can’t make the excuse that he’s cute even.  Yeck!!

Alright.. this is one of my shorter posts due to time constraints.  Everyone else is safe from today’s rants.  But not for long….Don’t get mad at me…I have a life but you know I have to tell it like it T-I-Tiz!!! It’s what I do.


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