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Halle Berry –To Die or Not to Die…?? Is suicide a publicity stunt?

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HalleI could’ve predicted this not-so-surprising new news. Halle Berry reportedly or admittedly told Parade Magazine attempted suicide? Really? Please. Isn’t that what all helpless women do? Somehow this sounds very familiar –similar to Mariah Carey’s attempt at attention. The whole its tough to be me and bi-racial song has been done before. [Note: Has anyone noticed that Halle’s becoming less and less ethnic since she’s started dating that Gabriel guy? or is that just me?]. The suicide thing…overdone. Shouldn’t this be a personal topic? Like between me a God type thing. I’m really not sure why Halle Berry is famous at all. She can’t act. Admittedly, I’ll agree she’s somewhat attractive. That’s it. I can’t stand helpless women. In everything she does she comes across helpless. Remember her in Queen? I just wanted to throw up…3Xs over. Even when she was asserting her new found independence…Helpless!!! With David Justice…Helpless!! With Eric Benet….Helpless!! Give me a break. She must have a movie or book coming out.

Look…don’t get mad at me…I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!


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