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American Idol – Still on Top with Ratings dropping…Is it the 9???

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According to the LATimes American Idol (AI) has dropped in ratings by 11% from last year with 28 million viewers.  You have to wonder if the contestants themselves are hurting AI ratings.  With that being said it is still the #1 primetime show!!  CSI comes in second with 22 million.

Last night’s recap:

Tony and IdolsThis week’s icon was Tony Bennett. I love this guy!!!  How can you attempt the smooth crooning of Tony Bennett? He’s one of the iconic lounge legends of all times.  These idols can only hope to capture this singer’s style, mood, and “pizzazz” that everyone has come to know and love. That’s a tall order because if you mess up songs that people hold dear to their hearts…you’re probably going to get the boot!!!

Blake Lewis: He’s doing a nice job of sticking under the radar to me. He doesn’t take big chances and his mistakes are small. His rendition of “Mack the Knife” was of course the best men’s performance overall. However, I would like to see better dance movements from him and all the guys.  He’s just so erratic and he moves cautiously.  I didn’t particularly like what Blake was wearing either.  He was the clasy one out of the bunch.  Booooring!!! Let Chris be the b-boy!!!

My advice: Don’t stop being who you are just DO YOU BETTER!!!

Phil Stacey: He looked nice last night. Now the real deal: The reason why Randy said there was “no real connection” was because it wasn’t believable. Does your wife feel a connection? I couldn’t imagine being your significant other…I’d be depressed. You’re still too creepy. I try to tell it like it T-Tiz!!! and they don’t listen. Now, everybody else is figuring out that Phil is stiff and creepy. When Tony Bennet sung this love sung it was nice. When Phil sung it it…it was scary. He still has the greatest voice out of the guys but the overall package is just not there.

My advice: I don’t think Phil can be helped at this point.  Those eyes!!!

Melinda Doolittle: O.K. Her voice, her performance, her entertainining skill….ALL AMAZING!! Nobody can deny her talent not even the judges…But, is she not getting my e-mails? my constant subliminal messages? my strategic and often resounding advice? Is her Blackberry not working? When complimented Melinda…Say thank you!!! You can smile and you don’t have to be sooo humble. MOST Importantly, Talk to someone before stepping out on stage in those ridiculously homie outfits!! Girlfriend you are not in KS anymore!!!  You can’t just sing your way into AI (or maybe you can) but, at some point you have to LOOK THE PART!!!

Don’t get mad at me I have to tell it like it T-I Tiz!!!

BTW, can you imagine what would happen if they said something really mean to Melinda? I’d hate to see her reaction on that day.

Chris Richardson: He just doesn’t move me nor is it believable. Maybe he can’t shake the b-boy band, overdone, Justin Timberlake wanna-be thing for me. To try to be non-biased. It may have been one of his better performances. He’s an o.k. looking guy, I don’t think he or any of the guys are America’s next AI!!!

My advice: Hire a stylist and image consultant!!

Don’t get mad at me, I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I Tiz!!!

Jordin Sparks: She sang this song o.k. Not as professional as Randy Jackson would like you to believe. She struggled through some parts and then it was just again the High School Musical version of the song. Did I tell you I don’t like high school musicals? Maybe Grease.. but that was it!!! Even then it took some getting use to. Jordin is 17 and it shows. She doesn’t appeal to me. What was with the vest? I thought these guys were getting advice. She’s young she can be hip and a little more risque’. What’s going on. She doesn’t have to go all out legs and short dress like Haley but, c’mon. I’m with Simon when it comes to Jordin. Eh!! Some things right but, so many things wrong.

My advice: Uhmmm… Broadway after AI???

Gina Glocksen: She may have been out of her element here. Still enjoyable but not her best. I was rooting for her!!! C’mon Gina get in the game. It was nice but not competitive. She has to perform at her highest to stay afloat. There is no room for mistakes. Gina, you have to at least out shine Sanjaya, Jordin, and Haley. Pleaaaaase.

My advice: Don’t lose who you are and work on YOUR talent with NO excuses.

Sanjaya’s New Do!!Sanjaya Malakar: First off, I don’t have to comment on Sanjaya’s singing. The world knows…He can’t!!! However, tweens everywhere think he’s cute and every now and then so do I. He’s not cute enough for me but cute enough to be voted for until it comes down to real talent!!! Paula is a good woman to play along and dance with him…because he’s not very manly or believeable in that role. He is becoming an “entertainer” as Paula puts it. She might as well say a clown. Sanjaya…”Thank you, Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya?” What? Rember kid that you are hanging on by the skin of your scalp. Nobody likes arrogance! Even if Sanjaya wins (which I again agree that AI is a farce if that is so…I will NO longer be watching AI) he will have to survive as an AI.  If he doesn’t win he has his work cut out for him even more. Not all idol finalists are successful. I can only name a few of the 24 finalists from each season myself (I keep reminding folks that I’m not a fan just watching along with the rest of the world this season).

At least one gal agrees with me: “J”. In fact, she was willing to give up food for this worthy cause. This lasted for 16 days…Amazing.

My advice: Find better friends!!! Because the ones that you have are not being truthful!!

Haley Scarnato: Ain’t misbehavin’. That’s not what your dress said. I guess you have to do something when you see yourself sinking. She had it all out there for the GI’s that love her so much. I’m going to agree with the pageant comment. She seems like she should be in the Ms. X pageant. That’s the feel I’ve gotten from her performances from Day 1. She’s likeable but the talent is one-sided. She can’t touch the other girls. Even Jordin may out sing her. I will give it to her that she can put feeling into the song. It’s just that you might go to sleep.

My advice: Next year…be in the Miss USA/Miss Universe Pageant. There…you’ve got a shot! and quit sitting on the stage!!!

Lakisha: First, Lakisha…you have to at least listen to the original singers and their intended visions for their songs that you have the honor of singing. LaKisha’s voice …fabulous. It may have been too fabulous for this song. How can that happen? Now about her dress. Finally girl you looked sexy!! Scrumptiously, sexy plus your voice will get you further than your voice alone. Now, talk to Melinda!

Consult with Ruben on his vegetarian diet and hold back sometimes when the song allows. You can’t yell your way to the top!!! or maybe you can.

Bottom Three: Phil, Haley, and Gina.

Don’t get mad at me, I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I Tiz!!!


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