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DannieLynn, Anna Nicole Smith, and that whole fiasco!!!

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Is anybody tired of hearing about this child, her weird mother and anyone else trying to make a buck off this unfortunate situation? I DO feel for DannieLynn. In fact, as a concerned citizen, I’m scared for her future!!! She’s destined to go down the same path as her mother if this circus surrounding her continues…she’s only 6 mos old. Imagine 15 years from now, if DannieLynn stays with any of the “possible” fathers: Howard Stern, Larry Birkhead, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt…and how many more?… She’ll fall into the same trap her mother did…Sex, Lies, Scandal, and Money!!! Anna…look what you’ve done to your baby girl!!!!

My advice: A wise old judge needs to appoint a host family (you know like the 7th Heaven family or the Smallville Kent family) in some little country town in Hobunk, USA away from all of this mess.  Then DannieLynn can be raised as a kid with values, care-free, self-reliance, confidence and all the good things that Apple pie has to offer. Then, at 21, tell her when she’s had the opportunity to make some good choices —-she has a butt load of money!! At least then she’ll have a fighting chance!!


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