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Halle Berry — Bald??

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Surprise! Guess who’s back in the news? Halle Berry!! Halle Berry is set to go bald as an eagle. Can you imagine? We’ve seen her hair long. We’ve seen her hair short. But, we’ve never seen it bald before. I can’t wait! She’s scheduled to begin shooting a movie called, “Nappily ever after.” It’s about a woman with alopecia (she’s losing her hair people-look it up!) who decides to cut it all off. Based on the title, it will probably be African-American themed (she hasn’t done one of those in awhile). Who knows with Halle. In the movie, the woman goes through issues about herself and how she’s perceived before and after cutting her hair. I can already say this movie won’t be in my Top 10– It’s a little TLC for me. I’m sure movie-goers will go just to see what bald looks like on Halle!!

Of course, Halle will later say in some magazine or more likely on The Oprah Show how much she learned from the movie to love herself and how she owns her identity and sense of self… right? Controversy sells tickets–I’m just tellin it like it T-I-Tiz!!

Side Note: Is ANYone going to see her movie “Perfect Stranger” coming out on April 13th? You know the one that’s coming out AFTER she announced that she was so depressed she ALmost killed herself? I don’t see any marks Halle.

Did I tell you? I’m just tellin it like it T-I-Tiz!!


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