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Whitney Houston – Got out with her life!!!

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Have you heard? Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are FINALLY divorced April 24, 2007. She was even smart enough to have a prenuptial agreement! I’m not quite sure what took the courts so long to figure out what all of America has known for quite some time. Whitney would be better off without this weight of a man named Bobby Brown. I’m not going to lie, I was a big fan (in the least sense of the word) of Whitney Houston but, I could never understand WHY out of all the celebrities in the world she chose Bobby. She was an A-lister and he…wasn’t quite that. He may have been a “B” but even then he didn’t have the staying power that Whitney had. She was soft and sophisticated and he was young and rough.  They were only 5 years apart but, we all know men mature slower than women right?  I’m just Tellin it like it T-I-Tiz!!!  Who wasn’t in shock when they got married??  They did prove us wrong too.  Did you really didn’t think the relationship would last as long as it did??  She actually stayed in this spiraling, abusive relationship for 14 years!!! – What was she thinking???–Don’t answer that!!

Now that she’s divorced (which still doesn’t say much for Whitney), I’ll be rooting for her. Maybe she can get her act together and wow us with a come-back!!… That is if she hasn’t screwed up the talent that God gave her! We already know that she’s screwed up the brain that he gave her. Who’s to say that she can’t get back on top?!! Her last album did well and she still has fans despite Bobby and her drug addictive behavior!! C’mon Whitney you can do it!!We’ll just say you weren’t in your right mind for the last 14 years.

Note: Bobby Brown didn’t even show up for court!!! when custody of their 14 year-old daughter was at stake!–Geez.  This guy will never quit.

That’s just me Tellin it like it T-I-Tiz!!!


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