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Don Imus – The I-man is A-mess!! …“I-MUSt” tell it like it T-I-Tiz!!!

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Initially, I attempted to stay away from the issues that weigh the heaviest on us.  This site is suppose to be as light as possible.  So, I’ll try to put my feather spin on the subject.  Race is still a polar issue in this country.  I wanted to avoid stepping on the polarized toes of many – But why start now?  I have to Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz!!! 

It’s official.  Deservedly, Don Imus’ show is permanently canceled (at least that’s what they’re sticking to for now) for his now famous remarks.  He referred to the predominantly African-American
Rutgers female basketball team as “Nappy headed Ho’s.”  Booo!  For now, “Mike and The Mad Dog” will be played instead of the syndicated show “Imus in the Morning” with the “I-Man,” a show that gained Imus thousands of listeners.  For too long, Imus walked a thin line between what was appropriate, politically correct, and that which is considered taboo.  He cleanly gave people their dose of shock in the A.M to dunk in their cup of joe along with their donuts.  He was the band-aid for the absence of Howard Stern.  Apparently he crossed the line like his predecessor.  In my opinion, He’s no Howard Stern!! Even Howard is smart enough to stay away from some issues (although he skirts them from time-to-time).  Maybe Robin Quivers is his saving grace.


For those who just don’t get it (This means YOU!): “Nappy headed hoes!!” refers to hair and sexuality.  Nappy– an adjective describing the tight difficult-to-mange curls of African-American hair.  African Americans sometime recognize this term as derogatory when used in a certain manner.  Oppositely, some African-Americans proclaim their love for their “Nappy” hair.  Embracing their tight coils curls empowers them!!!  Hoes– a short slang term for whore.  Need I explain more? Methinks not.


The problem: In this society, where few black women are portrayed as beautiful, African-American women continue to struggle with their identities and love for themselves in addition to having the same conflicts regarding beauty, love, aging etc. that all women experience.


Another example to help get the point across: the word N*ger!! can and has been used as a derogatory oppressive term that black people of today reject.  They reject it to the point where they have embraced the term and made it a term of endearment when referring to their comrades.  However, the term remains today remains a DO NOT GO THERE where never to be said by any other race.  


Fortunately, Imus will be fired!  Unfortunately, no fines associated with his rude ass remarks will be issued to him or CBS radio according to the FCC!!

Imus knew what the hell he was saying and should have repercussions!!!!  He speaks to the masses.  This responsibility should be taken lightly.  He should responsible and liable for his actions.  Perpetuating a stereotype and amassing a direct attack is not the way to go.  I must say I-man, you’ve really made A-mess!!!


You would think–In the wake of the Michael Richards’ rants less than a year ago, Imus would have recognized that the issue of race is still considered NO JOKE!  I am satisfied with the result, although a fine would have put icing on the cake.  In all fairness, I must mention that Imus wants to be forgiven.  Your listeners, fans, and others forgive you Imus but, they won’t forget. (cliché I know!).  


My advice: Watch below in the waters you tread—there may be sharks lurking.  


BTW, I agree with Imus.  The caliber of females attracted to basketball leaves something to be desired.  They can’t all be 10s!!  But, you would think there would be more 7’s and 8’s.  In fact, I would love to be able to tell the difference between males and females on the court.  With that being said – there’s a way to say everything!!! LOL!!!  —-Don’t get mad at me— I’m just telling it like it T-I-Tiz!!!!!


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  1. Oliver Closoff

    Mr. Imus’s remarks were juvenile and offensive but he’s a good man who does a lot of good. He was trying to be fummy. These ladies had no notoriety, no one cared that they came second, he did not mean it specific to the individuals, it was a bad attempt at a funny comment. It was wrong for his remark but more wrong for him to get fired. He should have been allowed to make up for this by having a new and improved show with more sensitivity toward all people. Now, in 6 weeks no one will care a bit and life will go on as usual, and Jesse and Al will have their show while we, Mr. Imus’s fans have to do without him. I’m boycotting MSNBC, CBS, Proctor and Gamble, Staples, etc….Bring back the Iman!


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