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American Idol – Now that Sanjaya is gone…what will we talk about???

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I just don’t feel the need to watch AI anymore!!! I mean I’ll hear about who gets voted off over the next few weeks and then I’ll hear about who wins!!!  Without Sanjaya…we have the same ol’ same ol to talk about, right?  There’s the creepy guy, the b-boy guy, the o.k guy, the show em’ what you got girl, the big girl with the big voice, the mousy girl, and the mouse-ka-teer girl.  Nothing really is going to change.  I say we vote to bring Sanjaya back!!!  It makes for a dull conversation without him.

He may not want to come back.  He’s out hobknobbing (sp?) with the President? –really what’s this world coming to?  No…really?

Heck.  Don’t get mad —I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!

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  1. start somethin up.

  2. oh and, i love you sanjaya

  3. i have no life.

  4. I will miss Sanjaya! Your right there is nothing good to watch on AI anymore! Booohooo! I will miss his voice and love his hair! Bye Bye Sanjaya! You will be missed forever!
    Jenn Loves Sanjaya!


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