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Joost – The NEW Wave of TV???

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Well, I got my invitation to Joost April 5, 2007.  I felt like I’d won the lotto or something, even though I’m not quite sure I buy into the whole idea of TV on the computer. I still haven’t downloaded the software. I can’t see what the hooplah is if you have to watch TV on your little bitty 15-19″ computer screen in an upright position in a fairly comfortable (=UNcomfortable) chair?? Anybody? That’s one reason I haven’t checked it out yet. So, what I’ve decided to do: GO wireless!! I think I’m getting a linksys multimedia center.  This system transfers the images that I get on my computer wirelessly to my larger flatscreen TV. Unless, someone else has a better multimedia wireless idea…that’s the plan. I won’t be able to complete the whole thing until May 5, 2007, due to budget constraints. I’m no Trump you know. Check back. Then I can give a real review of the whole Joost phenomenon. We’ll see if it’s worth it. Be looking for my review. I’ll be ready to Tell it like it T-I-Tiz!!! Is Joost the next big thing in TV or is it crap?


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  1. That’s a cool idea — hooking your PC up to your TV, so you can try out Joost. I’d love to know how that works out (if it works out at all).

    I’m really excited about all the new forms of Internet TV, and what this will mean for the future. The Apple TV and Joost seem like pretty exciting products.

    Shelly Palmer has written a great article about these new forms of TV reach our computer screens. It’s very interesting, if you understand a few basic things about the technology:


  2. Jennifer,

    I read the Shelly Palmer article. It was really technical but, I bungled through it. The possibilities are taking us closer to the George Jetson era–imagined years ago. But, in the mean-time what does that mean to us? It may mean that we are going to do things like buy TV services when you can get it for free. Or, we’ll pay multiple services when you can get them “over-the-top”. Really, the consumer is going to be at the mercy of these larger companies for awhile. So, yes, you and I can be very very excited, unless we own these companies we’re going to be screwed and broke. ‘Cuz if you love technology like I do…well you get the point. Thanks for the comment and the article (I’m going to read it three more times to make sure I understand it all). Come back and visit some time…you’ll find me Tellin’ it Like it T-I-Tiz!!!


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