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American Idol – Still on Top!! Without Sanjaya

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Idol gives back

According to Hollywood Reporter and Nielson ratings, American Idol is still on top with 26.5 million people viewing their show this past week. Can you believe that? Even without Sanjaya’s antics AI is actually maintaining its viewership. I’m in awe and bow to whatever it is America loves about the corny show!!! They have blatantly obvious ploys for getting people to watch their show. That’s a turn off if you ask me. I know…Nobody did but of course I have to Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz!! for the world to hear. I refused to watch the 2 hour…”Idol Gives Back” show!!! —Right. It’s been reported that the show raised $70 million dollars last week and President Bush publicly thanked the American people. That concerns me. Now who gets this money again??? I really believe that the show was created solely for the charity (this is a truly sarcastic remark). It’s all about image baby!! Their ratings outshined all the other shows (as it was intended) last week and this week. I missed all the great celebs and Simon holding little brown babies and looking oh so sad for a day. On a serious note…I love Bono and I think his interest is genuine. Maybe something good came out of the show and that’s all that matters right? That’s as sappy as I get. Back to Tellin’ it like T-I-Tiz!!! I regret missing Celine Dion and Elvis. Was that the same show? I still wonder how they did that. Did the audience see Elvis too. Or maybe Elvis really isn’t…naaah!

Simon -Africa

AI…I agree it’s hilarious in the beginning, and throughout someone interesting sticks out…but…in the end I lose interest. Americans have great stamina–that wouldn’t be me. Right now the best person on the show is DoLittle and she’d better win or the whole things a farce!!! Did you see her “do punk?” I loved it. She still is homey though.

Any whoo…don’t get mad at me because I have to “Tell it like T-I-Tiz!!!!”


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