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Spiderman 3 – Action or Drama?

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 Disturbed black spiderman

Note: No spoilers here for those who want to read AND watch the movie.

O.K. I went to see our friendly neighborhood Spidey for opening weekend and I’m going to have to give it a 3/5. Why? Here’s the scoop:

Action Film?: Yes and No. There were some action scenes but, I wouldn’t call this movie an ACTION movie. There were more crying men in this movie than Broke Back Mountain! (did they cry?) I bet you guys everywhere are screaming bloody murder about being duped into a “chic flick!”

Drama?: Yes. I was caught off guard. Every man in the movie had some drama and cried about something. I’m o.k. with a little bit of tear jerking and a guy getting in touch with his feminine side but…geez!!! this was downright ridiculous!!

The story?: They stuck to some of the storyline but, they could’ve explained some things a little better. I mean some of the coincidences were too much for me. Clearly, this movie was created for children. The “Brock” character (although not true to the comic) was great! That 70’s guy…I almost didn’t recognize him.

Fun Factor?: It still had the fun factor. Seeing Spidey swoop through downtown and fight bad guys is always thrilling. You wonder how’d they do that? Those animation guys are great!!! All the bad guys were super cool too.

Spiderman 4?: I think it’s in the works…but it has a lot to live up to. If there’s a lot of crying in the next one…I quit!!

My advice: Go see. But, bring the tissue and a chic!


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  1. Broke Back Mountain! (did they cry?)

    I think so. I’ll go watch it again & get back to ya.
    I LOVED that movie.

    At least this is a movie I’ll be able to see in a theater.
    Tissue for a Spiderman movie? There’s something so inherently wrong with that IMO.


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