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Congratulations Sheryl Crow!!

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Congratulations to the new mommy.  Like so many women who seem to opt for Stardom instead of parenthood…find a little later in life that something is missing!!! She is not alone…


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  1. In Sheryl’s case it has nothing to do with stardom and all with bad luck. And then she had cancer. Be kind.

  2. Dana,

    Really? Maybe I’m at a loss for what “bad luck” Sheryl has run in to. She met a music producer who was up and coming and she sold some jingles for commercial ads that led to her subsequent debut albums that has led to a successful ROCK Star career complete with 7 albums since 1993 and 9 Grammys! What bad luck are you referring to exactly? Her breast cancer? Yes, she was diagnosed with breast cancer LAST year…it was a minimally invasive cancer with minimally invasive surgery that was successful!! That sounds like GOOD luck to me. She is a cancer survivor!!!! I don’t think she even had to undrgo chemotherapy. Yes. Breast Cancer is awful…but, what does that have to do with her waiting until she’s 45!!!!! to have a child or even adopt? Maybe you’re referring to possible bad choice of men? or maybe she was just too busy with her career!!! Wait…do you know her personally and have some insight that I don’t have? If so…let me know. However, my CONGRATULATIONS to Sheryl on becoming a mommy is genuine. I like Sheryl just as much as the next person!!! My comment about more women WAITING to become mommies STILL applies to Sheryl! and other women like…Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Courtney Cox, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Hall, Angela Bassett, Iman, Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer beals and the list goes on!! There’s nothing unkind about my observation…don’t be so sensitive and enjoy my website!!! Why? Because I tell it like T-I-Tiz!!

    What might be mean is this:


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