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Well, I’ve been toying around with themes for a few weeks now.  I’m drawn to light and simple with a little bit of pizzazz or a unique feel.  I want a theme that’s reader friendly.  I really liked the look and feel of the “Rounded” theme.  It’s drawbacks are that it’s a bit dark but, the green contrast helps with that.   I used this theme for a few weeks.  However, a lot of the sidebar features aren’t functional with that one.  It makes it less user friendly and the links widget doesn’t appear.

The other two themes that caught my eye were “Fadtastic” and Fjord4.  They are both light.  There are more curved edges for a softer feel in Fadtastic.  Fjord4  doesn’t have roundd edges but it’s neat and the widgets work appropriately.  The drawbacks?  I wish my content would show up in another column.

I don’t have the time or the patience to start learning how to build webpages.  So, if there’s a theme with rounded edges, that separates the content into its own block like the “Rounded” theme and lists everything like “Fjord4”  and has the light feel of “Fadtastic” let me know.  I’ll use it in a heartbeat!!


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