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American Idol – Booo!!! Jordin Sparks the NEW AI for 2007!

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Jordin Sparks is now the new AI. I have very little to say except that Jordin Sparks was NOT the most talented contestant. How did she win? It’s a popularity contest. It’s high school ALL OVER AGAIN!! Wait a minute…Jordin is still high school age. Maybe that explains it. Shame on you America and Shame on you AI!! From Sanjaya … to DoLittle…something went very wrong this season.

I just have to Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz!!!


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  1. This was the least interesting Idol to me.

  2. Spicy Salsa,

    You took the words right out of my mouth. That’s what it wuz!!!! She wuz and IZ boring as heck. She’s a sweet. lovely, wholesome, Wheaties eating, All-American boring little girl!!! That’s not an idol! Is it?

    Whoever voted for her…they are excused because they had to be under 18!


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