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Rosie vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck!! –Girl Fight!

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Another ratings seeking show?—Naaahhh!! This one was for real!!!

In case you missed it…Rosie loudtalks Hasselbeck and Hasselbeck refuses to back down or let it go!!!

The problem: Barbara Walters was missing. I’m not sure what the format is… but NOW we know that she is definitely the “tie that binds.” There was a loss of control here…now I’m willing to watch the view if it gives us action like this on a regular basis.

My advice for Rosie: Rosie give a girl a chance to respond to your question. Don’t LOUDtalk someone one becaouse you’re bigger than them and you CAN. If you really wanted support from your friend since September, I’m quite sure this is NOT the way. Also, the media IS what it IS. You should have learned by now NOT to take it so personal and then take it out on your co-hosts. It’s definitely time to quit, which I hear you’re doing.

My advice for Elisabeth: Charitable Elisabeth. Give the world a break and get a grip. Some self realization needs to take place. You’re are not that sweet of a person to give someone an “opportunity” nor do you have the POWER to do so…just ask Barbara. I’m kinda’ feelin’ the place that Rosie is coming from on this one dear.

Look. Let it go rich people!!!

As much as Rosie would like to say she was leaving because she can’t come to agreement with the terms of her contract –that is obviously NOT the case.

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!


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  1. wondered if you got a chance to see this it was pretty good.

  2. Chris,

    Are you referring to the whole show?

  3. er?
    how can you say troops are killing inocent civils, who else could be doing it, then say you support the troops?
    rosie was the one using names lesbin, fat, christian(as her enemy), republican etc…
    rosie was taking over the show and daring anyone to disagree,
    sorry , if you say our children are killing civils you will need to prove it, not insult us.


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