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The Miss Universe Pageant 2007–Miss USA goes down!!

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O.K. folks. I will admit it. I laughed. I laughed really hard. It was one of those belly laughs that you could probably hear a couple of townhomes over. Yep. I’m guilty. What happened exactly? I happened to flip to The Miss Universe Pageant at the right moment when the final 10 contestants were walking down the runway in their dangerously low cut and just as dangerous full-length dresses. That’s when it occurred. Miss USA decided to take a tumble. That’s right folks you heard it here first. Yes, some of the people do fall. I never would’ve thought that would happen.

I am happy to report however, that not only is Miss USA is alright. She got right back up, went to the top of the runway and began her walk as if nothing had happened. You can tell that they had been trained to know exactly what to do if this sort of thing were to happen. Her smile was on point and her walk, this time, was impeccable. I clapped for her. The crowd seemed to clap more vigorously as she came to a pause to pose in front of them.

I could only wonder what she was thinking. She didn’t think that she could get trampled on by other more sure footed contestants because they knowingly waited for her to get up and take her place again on the runway. It was executed perfectly and I say Miss USA deserves an Oscar for her performance.

Others must have thought the same because Miss USA still managed to make it to the FINAL 5 contestants. –Whew!

My advice to Miss USA:
Wear a shorter dress next time and keep that sunny disposition!!!

You can’t get mad when I’m just tellin’ it like it iz!!!

Oh yeah. The 2007 winner was Miss Japan!!!

P.S. When someone gets a clip of this monumental moment. Let me know so I can update this post! Oh and did I mention that this was NOT about Miss USA’s loss?


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