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Monkey See, Monkey Do? — Is Lindsay Lohan trying to up one on Paris Hilton!

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This one goes out to A’kyra…you made me do it!–Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz that iz!!

According to the NYPost:


Lindsay Lohan should’ve taken her cue from Paris Hilton! It’s like they are competing for the DUMBest award of the year!! 2007 is not even 1/2 way over yet!!

I’ve been watching this catastrophe for a few days and wondered if Lindsay was worth a post….I thought about it. It wasn’t. Too many posts have been given to drug addicted, alcoholic celebrities. So, I was going to take the high road. I slapped myself back into reality!! The high road is not a place for tell it like it T-I-Tiz folks like myself!!

So the scoop?

After an evening at Les Deaux (who, BTW denies serving Lindsay any alcohol because she hasn’t yet turned 21 ya’ know)…Lindsay wrecks her car May 26, 2007. She was arrested and charged with a DUI! Among other things…cocaine was found in her system. That’s one up on Paris!!

Subsequently, Lindsay not of age yet, checked herself into Promises rehab (the second rehab stent this year! and the same one Britney spent her time in)

First let me be nice, Lindsay is doing the right thing…going to Rehab- but is it really going to work?

I guess when your punishment for DUI is: we’ll take your license and then give you 23 days at summer camp….There’s just not much incentive for change! Why take good advice? From past examples (ie. Paris Hilton and the other long list of celeb DUIers), you’ll get to continue driving and there won’t be a consequence of any true significance!

You would think that Paris Hilton would’ve tried to get some extra brownie points maybe even get the judge to reduce her sentence some more for going to talk some sense into Little Ms. Lush Lindsay.

I just don’t get it. You become a celebrity and make the world love you and then try to make the world hate with as much possible dumb crap that you can do? For the younger celebs it just may be too much to handle. Wait a minute!! Where is her mother?

My advice to Lohan: When good advice is slapping you in the face–Take it!!! oh and Just Say No!

Where have all the good girls gone? …I know to AI!!! (reference from AI post)

You can get mad at me but I just Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz!!


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