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A-Rod – Beyond the Blonde!

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Everyone has seen this photo by now I’m sure. Maybe he’s not really cheating folks. I refuse to believe that A-Rod is that stupid!! I refuse to believe that he doesn’t recognize his celebrity status and would think he could GET AWAY with cheating and no one would know. Better yet, I refuse to believe he didn’t see paparazzi following him!! If this alleged (yes, it is still alleged. This could be his cousin for all we know) affair is TRUE I hope he has a good prenuptial agreement. IF not….and the article is true…he’s more than busted he’s giving up 1/2! If that plays out…I bet you he blames the wife and then gets mad about giving up a portion of his wealth even though he knew the stakes. The blonde had better been worth it in my book!

Another, Celebrity proving that he must not read the tabloids enough to see other celebs like himself going down for the same deed. Thanks paparazzi!!!

My advice to A-rod: Don’t quit your day job!!!

My advice to his wife: If your nose is clean… (that’s a big if these days) take him for all he’s worth!!!

People get into marriage to quickly. It should be harder to get in and just as hard to get out.

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!


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  1. Why all the fuss about this? I don’t care about the guys personal life or who’s he’s sticking his peter to, I just want him to bat .350, hit 45 hrs and play good in the post season!

    Go Yankees!! We will come back this season!

  2. C’mon! This is America baby!!! Everybody wants to know about EVERYBODY else’s peter!! Plus, the more celebs stay controversial…the more people want to know…the more money they make! Albeit a high risk on the type of publicity… Celebs KNOW what they are getting into don’t pity them. They know people are hungry creatures by nature. Americans…are even hungrier. We want more than a good batting average. We want post season ANNNNND…your life! (o.k. this sounds a little dramatic. But, you know where I’m going.) We still want more…

    That’s right. Tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!


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