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Paris Hilton is IN CUSTODY!! –Her Mugshot!

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Here’s Hilton’s Mug:

Paris Hilton Mugshot

According to news reports, Paris Hilton turned herself in at LA County jail to be transported to Linwood. This was hours after being on the PINK carpet at the MTV Awards! This is a A DAY early folks! Get this, there was an announcement at the awards and the crowd began clapping!

Shepard Kopp, an attorney stated that Hilton was getting “a raw deal. …The reason she’s getting this jail time is because who she is.” — I’m not sure who this guy is but, he doesn’t have all his marbles.

When Paris pulled up to the Los Angeles “summer camp” all the windows were rolled down on the SUV! What does this mean– she was NOT trying to avoid the press as one might think, she was controlling them. Somebody’s smart in her camp. She should give that person a raise.

My advice to Hilton: Lay low and make friends! 23 days…that’s nothing.


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