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Paris Hilton – OUT OF JAIL!?!

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Can this be true? According to TMZ, Paris was released early this morning after serving ONLY 3 days!! Booo the justice system!! What the hell is this place coming to? How much did she have to pay? Who got bribed!?! Something smells fishy. We should all protest. Maybe if she had murdered someone behind the wheel would her sentence have been taken seriously. I guess we all knew that money IS definitely a get out of jail free card!!! Many of you secretly want to be Paris…for this very reason. If it were you or me…we would get the FULL sentence of 45 days or worse!! What…did she get out for good behavior? I’m disgusted and speechless(as much as I can be).

The Justice System is NOT blind…I knew that b***** was faking!

Just telling it like it T-I-Tiz..because I have to!!

My advice to anyone who gets an unfair jail sentence: cite the Paris Hilton case.


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