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Wow!!! Surface Computing with Microsoft!! – New Technology

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Microsoft Touch Screen

If anybody knows me…they know that I have a thing for technology!! Yes, I’m a junky. In fact, Microsoft never ceases to amaze me. This new technology has so many implications. You have to be a little leary though…it’s a touchscreen surface! Check out Microsoft’s latest venture!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t embed the link… it’s flash! You’ll actually have to go to the site to see the video. Don’t forget to come back!!

The buzz is that one day EVERYthing will have the ability to be transferred wirelessly and enhanced by touch. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Imagine leaning on the wall to fix your shoe and you just gave the wall all your identifying information!!! Can you hear the sound of creepy?

This kind of changes the meaning of the saying…”I’d love to be a fly on that wall”. Right? Despite my hesitation about the longterm implications of this type of technology, as soon as it becomes affordable to the average Joe like myself- I gotta’ have one!

Bill Gates has found someone else to do it again!!!

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.


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  1. Just wanted to clarify how the technology works. I interned at MSFT last summer and saw the technology in action.
    It uses motion sensor technology embedded in the table, and therefore is not a touch screen.
    You can actually flip through a jukebox collection by swiping your hand over the table.
    Also, the objects place the table (including credit cards) would have to be tagged in order for the screen to recognize it. The tags are basically imperceptible.

    That being said, the surface computing project has got to be one of the coolest technologies I saw last summer. The potential is amazing.
    My 2 cents. Enjoy.

  2. So ed,

    I remember them mentioning that…didn’t think it through. Either way it goes…in the words of Paris Hilton…”That’s Hot!”

    So…Does that mean instead of leaning on a wall to be detected…one day you’ll just walk by and they’ll know where you are type deal? – Enemy of the State Style ya’ know?

    What is/was your major to get an awesome internship like that? Computer programming, engineering…cool stuff…what?

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. OK. How it programed ? What API ? .NET ?
    Where I can read about this. It is new black box, only selected devalopers can make software for this 😦

    How about blind people ? All the new device is visual interface 😦


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