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Robin Thicke Fever – New Phenomenon?

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Well, if you haven’t caught the Thicke Fever you’re the only one!!! even Oprah’s got it!! Three times in three months really?

Let’s face it! He’s a phenomenon because he’s white!! Alright we admit it but we also recognize he’s a truly talented musician most of all. If you’ve seen him in concert he’s very charming and engaging. He comes across as a really “nice guy” in all his interviews. It helps that he’s good looking. He admits having to try time and time again to be successful as a musician. If he had come out 14 years ago he might not have the persona that he has today…so be thankful that he’s worked on his so-called soul.

Every now and then I can see what some people refer to as soul.

He’s not the first one to be called a phenomenon remember Elvis Presly, George Michael and Michael Bolton. They too held these titles of being Soul brotha’s. Why can’t they just be singers without trying to attach them to a culture?

Here’s his sexy lost without you video..

There’s a great blog on Robin Thicke and discussion for true Thicke fans by Ms. Paula Neal Mooney. I really enjoyed her site. Also, his interview here.

I disagree with the fact that he says why can’t we all be the same…Because it would be quite a boring world Robin. What you should have said is let’s celebrate our differences!!!

Here to Tell it like it T-I-Tiz! when the rest of the world refuses to do so.


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  1. Thanks for the info, and he does say “Celebrate our differences”
    “…I wanna write about how much we’re all the same and how much we’re supposed to love each other and share and celebrate our differences and our similarities…” -Robin Thicke

  2. I stand corrected Sha. I guess I would’ve put a period after differences. That’s just me!! Thanks for letting us know that he really does realize that there is merit to us being different. I do. Have a good one.


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