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Enough Paris Hilton Already

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O.K. I swore off Paris Hilton jokes, posts, writings, readings, etc. but it’s madness everywhere. I sit down for the first time in years to watch the news…Paris…dateline NBC…Paris…Local news in my little ol’ town–ENOUGH ALREADY PEOPLE! She got was she deserved (sort of), Justice was served (kinda) and it was fun to watch the poor little rich girl go down (I enjoyed it). But, now it’s just pitiful. She’s pitiful. Just look at her:

Paris Hilton - Scream No!!!!!!

O.K. It’s still a little funny after seeing this picture. If you have a longer attention span than I do and you want to continue to hit a teeny ol’ little poor ol’ rich girl while she’s down and out (believe me in won’t be for long…it’ll be like less than a few more days). Try this guy’s humor:

It’s a little out of my league and over my head…try his humor on for size and tell me what you think. Maybe you’ll like him! Plus, I found my pic on his site so…I’m giving credit where credit is due.

Paris Hilton: Suck it Up!! and please don’t write a book about your dreadful TIME in jail!!

This is me Tellin’ it Like it T-I-Tiz!!!


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