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Young Paparazzi?

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I’ve heard it all now. Someone is letting their 14 year old kid stay out late at night to get paparazzi shots. Wow!!

Here’s your link to the youngest paparazzi in the world! Ever!!

Apparently, this is a good publicity stunt–Ryan Seacrest has had the kids on his morning show.
Tell me what YOU think!

Where are their parents at this time in the A.M.?


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  1. I think its very cool….
    im turning 15 this year and im very inspired…so…Im thinking how i can get the money to buy a camera and try something new….

  2. Armen,

    It’s good to have goals at such a young age. Bravo for you! Make sure you do your research first! Mak sure you learn what the paparazzi lifestyle is like and whether or not it’s for YOU! Find out answers to questions like: how much money do I have to invest? do paparazzi make a good living? how many dream of taking the “Big One”? what does it mean to be a successful paparazzi? where do I start? What are the hours? Will my parents support me? Am I really a late night person? LOL!! At the same time…if it is something you LOVE to do many of the answers to these questions won’t matter and if you try it and don’t like it…you’re young enough you can always try something else…like photo journalism.

    Good luck!! I’d be interested in hearing about your endeavors!

  3. check out images from PRESSCORP. photographer shooting kid photographers…

  4. i was a teen music photographer who started shooting in 1973. i’m 44 and been shooting since.

  5. Were you out at 2 in the morning taking pics and do you make a living only throught that method that would be interesting to know.

  6. sometimes i was out all day and night from city to city… in the 70’s i followed kiss on the road… being up to 2 am is no big deal… try waking up and forgetting where the hell you are at… lol…


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