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The i-phone!! Are they Free? or Why I don’t have an I=phone!!!

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With as many people standing in line from day break until dusk last week…you would think the I-phones must be free!! WRONG!! These little gadgets will break you for 500.00 + bucks depending on the non-upgradeable hard drive size!!

The Hype: People have literally been waiting on these things for years now. I’ll have to give Apple’s marketing team a good pat on the back. They really know how to create a drumroll buzz about their products. We can be so gullible.


These cute tiny, alluring, shiny things…I’m sure you’ve seen ’em. Standing in line at Wal-Mart or holding up traffic -people have gotten their new I-phones and they want you to see them and they can’t put them down.

Did I get one? By now, you can already guess the answer is N-O! I didn’t get one. I was sucked in when the i-pod came out. I shelled out 300 bucks for my video i-pod, The laptops are just as cute!! I own a G-4 and was I-ing the G-5 when I had to put on the breaks!!!
How much more money does Apple want? How much more money am I willing to give them? The cost of the I-phone is insane. It’s 500.00 bucks really? For a phone/internet thingy? Granted it IS really cool. I would love one. However, until it can do a lot more than browse the internet and look neat-O!! I won’t be getting one at the price they are dupping people for. Most people don’t use 1/2 the features on their regular phones. The plans are ridiculous and you can only use 1 network. It’s not even the best network!! Please. I like having a choice. There’s only 4 GB on the lowest costing phone. My I-pod is 30GB. What happens if you lose the phone? What do you lose if you lose the phone? Too many variables—not enough answers. Even more ghastly, I saw a few teenagers in line waiting to purchase their phones. Their parents must be crazy! When the I-phone becomes more practical and less costly, that’s the day I’ll get my I-phone! For now, I’ll stick to my smart phone, my 30GB video i-pod and

Finally: They ONLY come in one depressing color….Black!!!!

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