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Star – Driveways?

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Can you guess what this is a picture of?


Answer: This is a picture of Nicholas Cage’s home. No. Excuse me…driveway. There is a whole site dedicated to the driveways of Stars (Celebrities). Featured homes belong to Helen Hunt, Jay Leno, and Burt Reynold’s…and more. Check it out.

I think I’ve seen everything now. What would be interesting to hear is how one came up with do drive-by photographs of peoples…driveways? She must be the boredest or nosiest person in the world! I don’t know you decide. It’s just bizarre if you ask me. Of course, we are voyeurs but, how far will we go? The driveways? It’s like…we’ll take even the most miniscule scraps of a celebrities life…The driveways? Enough. Even their lions at the gate aren’t safe anymore! O.K. maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe you want landscaping like Helen Hunt or you like Bette Middler’s flowers or Jennifer Lopez’s bird bath. I’m not quite sure. Maybe you want to recreate Oprah’s driveway on a miniature scale. As you can see…I’m just baffled. Albeit for me to knock somebody’s hustle…who am I kidding. It’s just plain dumb. It’s like getting the candy wrapper and no candy. It’s like getting the cone and no ice cream. You get my point. The world has gone mad.

Tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!! Because somebody has to.


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