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Halle Berry— Most Fabulous 40 Something!! — Ugggh!!!

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Fab 40 Halle
I will admit. I’m not a Halle Fan!! Although I don’t share the sentiment regarding Halle Berry’s acting skills, and I think there are women just as pretty…I will say that I agree with her recent title: U.S. Magazine’s Most Fab 40 Something…HALLE BERRY IS 40? She looks DAMN Good!!! Uggh!!! I won’t even mention that there was only 2 other persons on the list that should’ve been there. I like Halle Berry for what she is (not who she is or what she truly stands for – I don’t know her) but let’s face it…she’s a successful actress (this has nothing to do with talent obviously), she has millions in the bank (didn’t take talent), she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world (although I think my grandmother holds that title), and with her African-American heritage…she’s going to be gorgeous for a long time to come!! Oh yeah, did I mention her Supermodel Boyfriend????…with the great name? Gabriel Aubrey! – I ask you. Is this fair? Do you know how many broke ugly women and men with no hope for looking any better and whose partners are a mirror image? Whew! Ok, Seal is THE exception. If you don’t feel me…watch Extreme Makeover…they exist!!! Shouldn’t they have at least been rewarded with a nice bank account?

NOTE: I DO realize that MONEY and BEAUTY is not everything!! But if you have either, you can take your time gaining common sense. Just ask Halle.
For those of you who know Halle’s past. There are many occasions when I questioned her better judgement including the mysterious car wreck, certain unnamed movies, her less-than-desirable men choices (Eric Benet, etc.), other choices, and this pic:

Halle Berry - Wet T-shirt Contest

You already have teenage boys losing their minds and grown men and women gawking at you uncontrollably doing who knows what to their computers…Did you really have to go soft porn? Feminist everywhere should slap her with some pride!! It’s a good thing she’s not in corporate America…who knows what she’d do. I take that back, we already know that…”Monster’s Ball” right? This picture is a stark contrast from the Sophisticated, Still Sexy photo that she took at 40 at the beginning of this article. Booo! Halle…You already have so much going for you.

Anywho!! Now that Halle Berry has embraced her other 1/2 and left the other behind…she’s doing great!! with her New Canadian Beau…

Gabriel Aubrey!!! Gabriel Aubrey From

Why should one person be able to get ALL that’s good in life? I feel sorry for ugly broke people with ugly girlfriends and boyfriends. I feel even sorrier for them after they see and hear about Halle Berry!!

Don’t Get Mad at Me…I just tell it like it T-I-Tiz!!!

Just to show my status:

D-List Blogger

The 40 Something List:

1. Halle Berry
2. Daisy Fuentes
3. Salma Hayek
4. Pamela Anderson
5. Martina McBride
6. Maria Bello
7. Tia Carrere
8. Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
9. Melina Kanakaredes
10. Nicole Kidman


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  1. The 40 Something List: Is good she part of list ,I’m happy for her Daisy Fuentes, Nice and Two Sweet……..:)

  2. Finally, I agree with someone.


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