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300 — What a Few Good Men Can Do!!

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300 – Someone asked me if this was a good movie.

It took me a couple of days to decide whether or not I liked this movie. It was how do I put it?… engaging.

For the men: A fair share of boobage and lots of blood, guts and valor.

For the women: Lots of valor, lots of beautiful men with no shirts, lots of beautiful images, blood and guts (for those of us who like those kinds of things).

The plot: It’s been done.

Historical value: I’m no historian, but I think the Persians were a bit personified and well…the bad guys probably really didn’t look like that or act like that. It might’ve made folks a little uncomfortable. Who knows but, it was fun for the movie…right?

Cinematography: I am no expert, but I loved the cinematography-it was great!!! It reminded you of a video game at times but, I liked it…it tentalized the senses. I heard somewhere that someone complained that there was “too much visual stimulation”? What?– No such thing!!

The next question then is what should you get out of a “good” movie. And does a “good” movie mean the same thing to everyone? I mean is it an all or none effect? I’m not sure because I like a few movies whose plots are well…non-existent.

It’s out on DVD now…you should really check it out!! I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz

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