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Weighing in on the Democratic Presidential nominee!!

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I think the choice here is very simple. If you are tired of politics AS IS then Obama is the best choice as the Democratic nominee. Period. We have attempted politics every other way and this is the only way to break free of the mold. Gen Y are visionaries willing not to be defined by others, which is why Obama is the obvious choice for the majority of them. Gen X is somewhere in the middle between the Baby Boomers and Gen Y. They are torn between what they’ve been fed all their lives and their true desire to break free. All the other questions that seek to discredit Obama pale in comparison to our need for restructuring of current thinking and our government! I will Vote for a “Change.” Will you?

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  2. redmanbluestate

    All you will be voting for is the word “change”. The only change will be the size of your pay check that goes to Uncle Sam.

  3. I would have loved for you to have backed this up Redman with some facts so that I could respond appropriately. Both Democratic candidates use the word so…. Why do you feel Hillary can back that claim more than Obama? Two words…You can’t!!!

  4. redmanbluestate

    I would love change! Someone new would have been great (Romney) but it is just more of the same and one new to the seen. When Bill Gates was new on the seen and wanted to make it big he only had to worry about himself and his family. Not the entire population of our country. Obama may be great, but he might not! I have a company and if I hire anyone I just don’t pick someone because he/she might be good. I want to see a resume at least some references. I don’t think anyone running can give change. McCain is just more of the same old thing. If he was going to do anything he has had 30 years to do it and he has done nothing. Clinton is only in the race because she is married to Bill. She says 35 years experience, at what??? She goes up in the poles when Bill acts up. You ask people why Clinton they say 2 for 1 deal Billary. Obama has done what? I can’t back it up with facts because if you have done nothing you have no facts. I think of Obama the civil rights lawyer working with Tony Rezko and I feel like I’m watching the Sopranos. From age’s six to ten, he lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, The years of your life that you understand what being an American is all about. He goes into the Illinois Senate then keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention on to election 08.I hate to say it but if his name was Brian O’Donnell and he was white we would not even know who he is!

  5. redmanbluestate

    Check out
    This is the same reason we even know the name Obama

  6. My Dear Redman,

    It would seem on the surface that we are on the same team! Then I continue to read and…I’ve determined that there is a great possibility that we are NOT! Here’s where I agree with you…McCain and Clinton don’t represent change!!! Clinton has notoriety behind her because of her Famous husband. It’s also a little scary to me to think that he may be getting around the rules we have in place to prevent 3rd terms by having Hillary in the office. Who do you think she’s going to defer to when things get hard?

    Here’s where I don’t agree with you. I don’t think you have to be born here or even grow up here to understand what it means to be American. I think many legal immigrants would take offense to that statement and some are even more patriotic and American than many native born U.S. citizens. Partly, because it wasn’t a right of birth and they had to work for it.

    Obama: I asked you to support your statement about our pay checks going to Uncle Sam if Obama were President. Again, I’m not satisfied with your response.

    Finally, Who’s pulling the RACE card now? Must we trivialize this race and focus on race? African Americans are damned if they Do and Damned if they don’t. Obama’s multicultural heritage allows people NOT to see him as Black or White. He is biracial to be exact. As you pointed out, he didn’t grow up with the influences of the Black community here in the states. His mother was White. It is my personal opinion that he can be open because of his world travel. MOST Americans have a narrow global view because they don’t travel during their early years.

    As a business person myself I would add that good instinct is part of the job. I would also argue that there are business persons out there that have went with their “gut feeling” at times in order to turn their companies around or create “change” especially in this age when every thing is new and there’s no previous history (or resume) that comes with the growing technology. There were no business models for the dot coms and many investors had to trust and embrace the “new”. We call this Change. It’s inevitable. That man is Obama.

    Deval is NOT Obama. You can not group every candidate that is considered Black into one group. The logic of the person in the video is faulty to correlate poor decision making with race. Maybe Deval is convicted to see what he started to the end. It is my contention that Deval can’t touch Obama.

    RedMan don’t use sources that reiterate my point…The video…mumbo jumbo that wants us to stoop low enough to reduce everything to race. There’s more to this nation than just race.


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