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The Obama Campaign vs. The Clinton Campaign

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My comments on the abc news website:

One of the reasons people don’t like Obama is b/c of his civility, respect, humility, convictions, and honesty. Why is this country and the people in it so allergic to these things? Why are people on this site not respectful of one another’s views even if they don’t agree? One of the reasons Obama can’t debate on a level that he would normally debate a male– It is b/c all candidates do what looks good in the public’s eye!! If a male looked like he was attacking Clinton (a woman) people would see him in that light. Face it–gender and race still play a factor whether we admit it or NOT. Don’t believe it? Check out the WV slaughter. The people not ready for change (old white folks and the uneducated working class). They still have trust issues that no one wants to admit. It doesn’t mean they are racist (well maybe some of the older folks)–it means that they are convicted just like Obama supporters are convicted to showing those set in their “old ways” that the old way of thinking is outdated, not servicing us the way they should and is no longer where we should place blind trust. He is walking a fine line, trying to keep his nose clean and trying not to succumb to the unheard of attacks that have not existed in any other campaign. Why isn’t McCain being crucified for his relationship with his pastor? (Have you heard his remarks about America?–probably not!). It’s on YouTube. Look it up. The definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and thinking that you will get a different outcome. We’ve done the Clintons, we’ve done the McCains…it’s time for a Change! YES WE CAN! I have faith in you even if we don’t completely agree.

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  1. Obama is not fighting a tough campaign, with all due respect. Nasty campaigning goes back to the founders, and while I am not advocating it, it has actually toned down in the 20th and 21st centuries. In the 1770s, the Quaker party in Pennsylvania referred to the Presbyterian party as the Pissbrutarians. Personal scandal was spread around. And that was politics lite for the time. And Obama is not always civil or polite. He dismissed a female reporter and didn’t answer questions by saying, “Later, sweetie.” Not the worst thing you can say, but very dismissive. Do you think men don’t attack Clinton? Really? Come visit my site and watch the video I have posted. Maybe you aren’t listening.

  2. I didn’t say Obama wasn’t human and doesn’t make mistakes or have testy moments. In a recent interview with A WOMAN he didn’t seem to have any problems. I can’t speak for what he does on a regular basis. I’m not sure what you mean by “tough” campaign but, I’m sure he has had more death threats the any other candidates.


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