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My new muse…Cody Chestnutt

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If for no other reason than his upbeat cut “I look Good in Leather” (which is currently my theme song playing in my head and when it gets cold enough….I’m going to actually be able to act out this fantasy stroll…I digress) Cody Chestnutt is a refreshing break from the norm. Who is Cody Chestnutt you ask? Well, he is a Jamaican American…A “Jamerican” that is taking music back to its earlier roots, when music was all about the music, your message, the artist, rebellion, shock, being rambunctious, and having fun while doing it. He is the Hendrix Put you in the mind of Marley mixed with Marvin type of Flower child. That is if you can picture this at all…if you can’t.

I took notice of him when he was a featured artist on The Roots Phrenology album! They remade
“The Seed” from his album and entitled “The Seed” and named theirs “The Seed 2.0” –clever ain’t it? At first I thought “The Roots” had resurrected Terrance Trent D’Arby…but I was pleasantly surprised with this guy Cody and had to look up his other work. Cody Chestnutt…did I say he was my muse?

This guy is exciting and underplayed and overlooked by mainstream audio. I predict his day will come. The transition is happening now.

And his mainstream collaboration with the Roots…

I look forward to his “Live Release” Album that he’s recording as he travels around the world. Oh…to be talented.

Cody Chestnutt is a musical talent to be reckoned with.


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