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Starting Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 and ending July 24, 2008. It’s a 2-part documentary about race in America by Soldedad — CNN Reporter. Now we’re talking about race. I wonder why? Will YOU BE WATCHING?

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  1. I didn’t like the special. I found that it focused too much on Stereotypes, comparing blacks to whites or comparing upper and lower class blacks. These types of comparisons happen all the time. It failed to address how Blacks are affected by social and economic systems and government in America. Instead, it pits one group against the other.

    For example, how was the black community affected by Vietnam? Drug use and single parent homes began to be a problem after the war, as Veterans returned to our community. We are still impacted today and are slow to recover from this. This was a government failure. How have the policies improved with the present war and will it have the same impact?

    How are lower class families affected by welfare? The system offers support to single women but it doesn’t offer support to the family. It actually promotes men leaving the home. Is it possible that it can do both? This is done for Military families. They receive more support if they are married, not less. Or better, instead of welfare, why don’t we consider eliminating income tax and the Federal Reserve? These questions are not asked.

    How does the high incarceration rate of black men for non violent offenses, affect the crime rate, the rate of AIDs in the black community, and the state of the black family? Do these policies help anyone except for the criminal justice system?

    Standards are lower in the American education system for all Americans; whites score better in comparison to Blacks but not in comparison to students in other countries. I don’t think its good enough to compare us to other Americans in respect to education. The system of education needs to be drastically reformed.

    As lower and middle class Blacks, our problems are not attributed to other Americans; we need to reform the systems that bind us all.
    Including, our corporate owed media, this is failing us all as well by keeping us pitted against one another.

    Shows like this reinforce stereotypes and they fall short of the bigger picture. You can never resolve these issues if you only focus the blame on “racism” or the notion that you are under “privileged”. This is equivalent to fighting a War on Terror. It can’t be fought this way. There are remedies if we can cease being divided and clearly see the source of our predicament. Our policies and government intervention has failed us. It is a myth that we do not have control and that we are intrinsically the source of all of our problems.

    The key is to turn off the television and educate yourself; understand our constitution, the proper role of government, and greater political participation and activism on an individual level and not at the behest of a “savior”. This is urgent because our political system, government and economic systems are extremely corrupt.

  2. Miss Anna,

    Wow!!! Well said!! I agree. I spoke with some friends on this topic and we were confused as to WHO the audience was suppose to be! They gave the stereotypical statistics that we’ve heard time and time again. We also pointed out that there were no solutions offered…just problems. Black Americans just make poor choices and they are the problem. As you stated, the WHY was also not discussed. That is a problem.

    There was another person who argued that we can’t discuss anything else until we know the scope of the problem. I don’t think the CNN special offered that either.

    In all fairness to Soledad–she tried to show a balanced side of the story, but when you yourself are not vested in the community —you don’t know how to address the problems, where to place the focus or offer soulutionsl

    A picture in my head after seeing this CNN special: See son…things could be worse. You could be black!!

    Thanks for your feedback Miss Anna–come back any time.

    I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!


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