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Opera is officially My NEW Hero!

Opera is officially My NEW Hero!

I have been struggling lately with lots of COMPUTER woes. My beloved Mac became sluggish.  I kinda’ figured is was due to the usage of 178 GB of used space on my 180GB hard drive.  Being the work-a-holic that I am, I still expect to be productive with GB and I expect my mac book PRO to hang with me during my spurts of productivity (actually these don’t come often).  Well….I couldn’t be productive b/c I STILL need a new External HD and well the MacBook just doesn’t like to have little to NO HD space.  So onward was the search to fix this problem.  The problem is further amplified by the need to research the problem on the computer!! The very same computer that needs an external HD and has only 2GB of memory that seems to disappear with the slightest bit of use.  My internet itself is invariably slow (part of the research) and Airport seems to be working ineffectively (or is it)?  The need to know WHY potentiates a vicious cycle of lack of Knowledge, deficiency of Hardware, and reduced Productivity I’d rather not repeat on a regular basis.  Well, hallelujah!!! in my painful Google search, I came across this one website with some useful tips: <a href””   What a great website. I’m still not sure how I got there…maybe Zen found me (no really it had to). It’s a good thing too. Whew! Some of the stuff was a bit over the zen top…bookmarks? shortcuts?  This gadget girl with the small attention span would explore those things later.  Maybe. Hopefully, I’ll try those tips another day. However, the take home message I walked away with TODAY? the one I truly appreciate? …. is…..(drumroll please)……SWITCH to OPERA!!! and so I did. Right now I am enjoying my new experience freshly installed on the Macbook pro with only 2GB of memory left without any problems, Opera. I don’t know if I can get by without my plugins on Firefox and what about my delicious bookmark thingy?

Something can be said for trying something new. Maybe you should too.

I’m just tellin’ it like it Tiiz!!!

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