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Generous John!! and the Giant Jet! off to Haiti he fleww…

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I have a friend that complains about how people only help when there is a crisis.  I have another Haitian friend who believes that Haiti will be used as a publicity stunt for many and lose its long fought for autonomy due to the earthquake.  It’s not the earthquake and restructuring he’s worried about it’s the ensuing non-military occupation of his home country that he’s worried about.

In the mean time John Travolta flew his personal Jet to Haiti with 4 tons of supplies, equipment, and physicians. That’s what I’m talking about.  Those that can DO!  While the rest of us either sit around and complain or wish we could.

This is not the first time he’s showed his generosity.  He flew his Jet to help those in need in the aftermath of Katrina as well. If we could all be so generous, this world we be a different place.

Way to go John!  I am now an admirer (never a fan!)

I’m just telling it like it T-I-Tiiz!

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