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Air America Radio goes SILENT today – YOU LOSE.

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Air America Radio will have an extended moment of silence today. In other words, it will be permanently go OFF Air. It will no longer bring it’s listeners/supporters the alternative progressive news that they are accustomed to receiving since its debut in 2004.

After years of financial struggles and multiple owners, the radio station has concluded that it can not maintain its current financial status and is filing for bankruptcy. Having opened its doors in the RED, surviving the changing mediascape, in addition to an unprecedented economic downturn, the radio station was at best – a long shot.

Having turned to the radio station for its fresh presentation of the politics, I was shocked to learn of its fate. Although a neophyte, Air America Radio, seemed a fixture in our daily lives, as fixed as CNN or NPR. It was an alternative option providing us with some of the progressive voices we know best.

Not everyone thought so

I began to ask myself a question. How come all the hoopla because one company did not survive. In our capitalistic society it’s survival of the fittest. Air America Radio’s is just another company that didn’t make it.

There is more here than meets the eye:

What have we truly lost? What happens to freedom of choice when there is no choice? Air America is another casualty in a long line of casualties caused by the greed that has led to a recession worse than the Great Depression. Moreover, besides our loss of choice, it represents the slow ebb of life from our traditional media sources. Finally, it yet again, brings us square in the face with the reality of our current state of affairs. Air America radio is another good man down.

When the economic downturn reaches your door – you notice and you can ignore it. When it smacks you in the face – let’s just say you have to work a lot harder to ignore it.

I just tell it like it T-I-Tiiz!

Have a moment of silence for Air America Radio. It was good while it lasted.

visit their farewell here:

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Halle Berry Vs. Sarah Palin – Halle Berry Wins!!!

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What’s really funny? On the day that I write a post about Sara Palin, Halle Berry’s old Post in which she wins the Most Fabulous 40 somethings gets more views than Sarah Palin –More than twice the amount! That tells us where the minds of Americans are and just how distracted they aren’t by Sarah Palin and her announcement. Yesterday, my Sarah Palin quickie overview was only viewed 35 times compared to Halle Berry’s 85. To be fair it may have just been a crappy post. LOl! I’m not sure you decide. I guess we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. So far today…Halle Berry is winning!!! Maybe I’ll pit Sara Palin against against another topic and see who wins tomorrow.

Don’t be mad at me I’m just here tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!!!

Baby DADDY Drama!!! Is Erykah Badu Exempt from Criticism?

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Erykah\'s 3rd baby daddy?

Erykah's 3rd baby daddy?

Erykah Badu’s fans have been hitting her hard with criticism b/c she has not been wed and has a third “Baby Daddy” and he’s THE THIRD rapper that she has chosen to have children with. Erykah responded to the matter by holding her own and quite definitively on ‘Okayplayer’ ending her tyrade with “kiss my placenta.” Although her reply is a testament to her skills as an entertainer, I don’t think Ms. Badu is exempt from all reproach. Essentially, Erica is a Baby Mama for the third time!!!



One of the things I’ve been saying for so long about celebrities in general is what E. HUNTER said “I have no sympathy for those who seek the spotlight, but quickly get upset when that spotlight starts to burn.” Celebrities know average folk want to know about their larger than life lifestyles!!! IT’S HOW THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY!! If we aren’t interested in them they don’t get paid. This means any and ALL mistakes are subject to scrutiny. Does that make it right? Not really. But don’t whine about the good and the bad that comes with the job description.


I went to school with Erica and acted in a play or two with her and tended to shy away from her friendship b/c of her CHOICES!!! If I had known she was going to blow up maybe…. Lol! Don’t get me wrong…I love Erykah’s music! I love Erykah’s style! I love Erykah’s feminism! But, I would take pause before I emulate her lifestyle choices.

Role modeling: Unfortunately, in the black community celebrities are all that many young people have to look up to. Only 12% of this country’s 250 million people, the lack of role models and failing role models have more of an impact on the African American community than any other. 70% of fathers ARE NOT IN BLACK HOMES! What % of these fathers are NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE LIVES OF THEIR CHILDREN period?? How many of these children had parents with the same M.O.? Think of the implications. No reference point for creating relationships, maintaining relationships OR the non-fairytale reality of relationships. Relationships are HARD WORK and take 2 committed people. It’s like taking a highly skilled job and not having any training. He/she is fine, they are a dime piece, he can hoop, she can do the splits etc., he’s got a job, she’s a 36-24-36…are not qualifications for long-lasting relationships. Yet we jump into them without thinking everyday.

My vantage point: I was born out of wed-lock to a 20 year-old mother 1 of 9 (with confused father issues) and an unknown father who was in the Air Force. To this day, I HAVEN’T HEARD FROM HIM!!! I was fortunate or unfortunate (long story) enough to have a stepfather! I MYSELF AM NO SAINT! I had my son at 17…out of wed lock! My promise to him?… I would make sure he never felt like he was in a single-parent home!!

Never make a promise you can’t keep.

My son’s father died at 7 and the pressure was on to keep this promise. When there are father and son events–I can’t substitute for his father’s absence. In fact, I feel for him when father’s day rolls around every year to remind him of his loss. The fact that he can’t wake up in the morning and eat breakfast with his father or talk to him before he goes to sleep at night pains me. What about those fatherly conversations that he overhears or those that will never comes his way. I’ve always wondered how he felt. Yet, He has never complained or shown hurt. He’s more resilient than I ever knew. When John Q came out I knew there would be no other to champion my own child outside of myself. When it’s time to talk condoms and ladies, I try. But…again. He’s 19 years old now, I can’t seem to motivate him the way I know his father or another male could. I worry about his ability to create healthy relationships b/c of the choices I made. It really wasn’t fair to him.

So as you can see. I really don’t care about Erykah, I am concerned with the impact on the children. If the fathers are totally involved, Kudos to them. Hopefully, they have established a balance that works. Erykah HAPPENS to be one of the lucky ones where money isn’t an issue. Although important, MONEY is not the ONLY concern. When you have NO money issues you tend to be able to focus on other things such as your children’s well-being. Maybe they are showing how 2 parents can communicate effectively w/o being in live-in relationships. Ultimately, whether you and I like it or not…they are again living the life that 70% of us live and we are trying to rid our communities of…w/o seeing positive 2-parent home relationships.

Soap Box Time AGAIN: Just like OJ! I didn’t feel a particular connection with him b/c he’s black b/c I don’t KNOW him. I didn’t win a thing when he won his case. I was pleased to know that he didn’t get convicted just b/c he was black! In the same way, I don’t have any connection with Erykah. She doesn’t represent me unless I want her to.

PEOPLE: If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything!! It’s ok to have an opinion. It’s even o.k. to voice that opinion.

Currently, I’m a single woman who still hasn’t come across her prince charming (I’m not looking either). I can certainly understand or relate to Erykah’s place in life. I can respect her as a woman, mother, artist, and feminist. However, I would NOT have another child without having a two parent home.

That’s just ME TELLIN’ IT LIKE IT T-I-TIZ!!!.

Tay Zonday or Adam Bahner: Today’s internet Phenom – Freak or Prophet? Which do we accept?

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Tay Zonday in the studio…

Tay Zonday on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show: here his voice is a little less suprisingly abrasive

Who is Tay Zonday?
Where did Tay Zonday come from?
Why is he Today’s/This week’s Phenom?
Is Tay Zonday a profound prophet?

First, let me say…I commend anyone who is creative and willing to put themselves out there for people like Tiz to analyze. I think any young person in today’s day and age speaking out for positive change gets my vote! Since I make it my business to Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz!!! I’m just as interested in Zonday is considered a phenomenon or a great prophet, just because he points out that there are injustices in this world! While I won’t answer all the above questions in this discussion…I will direct you to other places that may have a little more on his biography.

Tay Zonday: His outspoken rhetoric in song is NOT truly new! Then why all they hype? His deep voice and unique look make him Today’s / This week’s Internet Phenomenon and tomorrow’s whatever he makes of his 15 minutes!!

I’ll repeat: Musician Zonday or Student Dr. Adam Bahner has not said or done anything new!!! Is he the ONLY one speaking out against society’s ills? The answer — NO!! He just happens to say it in a forum that most people younger than 35 are are no longer accustom. I will agree that he IS in the singing minority –choosing to sing about political issues is not usually a money raker. For that I respect his choice. But, singers have been political in the past. Sinead O’Connor. Bono. Even more similar Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on” was a political wake-up battle cry and be nice feel good song. It is comparable to Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”. So why is Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain” song getting so much attention?

My answer: We love different. His deep voice coming from his child-like face is so unexpected. His controversial views are not surprising after reading a little more about him. Although, stated to be “shy”, he paradoxically seeks to be controversial. Different and controversial. This is a successful hard-hitting combination in America…and apparently worldwide. Some are actually considering Zonday to be a modern day prophet?

Are there no others who haven spoken out with the same fervor, compassion, similar doctrine, and views? Yes. There are. Yet he is being revered as a prophet. I am not saying that he isn’t. I am saying…he hasn’t done anything all that different or compelling than many other scholars that remain anonymous. He should be added to the pool of great thinkers of today. Yes, he has something to say. Why in particular is he being heard? This is why I decided to do a small google detective work on Zonday. I already knew the answer but, the hunt was fun any how. In my research, one of the things that became evident as I read comments about him over the internet was whether or not they accepted his dogma and supported his cause. It would seem…once people thought that this funny looking brown skin kid might’ve hinted at being…shhh….black? He message wasn’t as profound and his reverance as prophet was diminished.

Yes, I said it. It’s funny, as long as Zonday is racially ambiguous, seemingly walking the fence or ambiguous in his “teachings” as in this HHN interview . He was taken seriously and a great many people tended to support his views, listen to him and rally behind him. “Yes, we should all recognize that the world is a plague of a place for some! You McDonald addicts!!” I can hear them shouting!!! In short, He is heard and accepted. Once he identifies himself as possibly claiming a race as he might have some years earlier in an article a few years earlier in 2004. He no longer deserves to be credited, revered or heard! At least that’s my interpretation of one thread of comments. Follow these comments to see this phenomenon for yourself.

My response to this article pointed out: Pleas note that Zonday has learned over time: Bahner’s Blackcommentator article, “If I got shot by the Police” written 3 years ago, whereas, his hhnlive interview was this year! In this interview, he declines being labeled by race, companionship or any other title. He comes across as an untamed self-taught thinker that shuns all of today’s societal norms. He’s not shunning his fans though…he ultimate knows where his money will come from if he’s going to make it in entertainment. Both articles show his growth, his ability to adapt. He has learned HOW to deal with the public and their demands, expectations and opinions and how to be accepted and heard. This alone shows that he’s smart…not his annoying “Chocolate Rain” song. Adapt! in order to be heard or accepted! Be ambiguous! There’s precedence for this: In politics – Obama. In entertainment – Halle Berry!

The only way that America will accept a minority race is for them to be ambiguous??!! The fact that that person reminds them of NOone means that they are looking out for the good of ALL people. This thought process in itself shows that racially we have gotten NOWHERE!! This means that we can’t assume that our WHITE or BLACK leaders could possibly be non-biased enough governing the law-of-the-land to consider others outside of their own race. What does this say about our political system as it stands and as it has been since the founding of this country??!!

WE can’t just paint Barbie brown, masking the fact that the problem with Barbie in the first place is still there!!!

Zonday is not as “Profound” as some might think. He is just today’s something to talk about. He is not saying anything new people! This world is F*d up!! Pay attention!

Don’t get mad me I’m just Tellin’ it Like it T-Tiz!! about Tay Zonday!!!

More on Zonday if you want to continue to check this guy Tay Zonday out!!:

If you goto YouTube and type in Tay Zonday. You’ll get over 1200 hits.
There are multiple spoofs of Chocolate Rain!
He has other songs that can be found on his website below.
There’s a Vanilla Snow!! –get it?
Tay Zonday’s video has over 700,000 hits.
He has his own website too.

Here are some other articles talking about the guy:
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His myspace page! — Be careful. He’s chocolate raining all over the place with his more than 13,000 friends. You might want to turn down the volume!!
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