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Bernie Mac – Memories of A Great Man! Steve Harvey shocked!

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Leaving behind a loving family, Bernie Mac’s friends and family remember him! Here is are words from Steve Harvey!

Again, our heart goes out to his friends and family.

CANDY SPELLING BROKE & losing her home????

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Candy Spelling

Candy Spelling

If I lost my home the results would be devastating. But, when celebrities lose their homes let’s just say…they downsize. Reported by, Candy spelling can no longer afford her over-the top-mansion. How will she ever get by? Slumming of course! She’ll sell her 150 million dollar home and make due with a $47 million dollar condo. Don’t believe it? read the article.

These people are crazy!!! I hope she doesn’t spend all her money in one place and be in the same boat as Ed McMahon!!! I’m sure she worked really hard for that money right? –that’s another story. Now why can’t she share some of the money with her daughter again? What was Aaron thinking that she’d be fair or was it really his intention to cut his daughter OFF!!? That’s just wrong.

I’m just tellin’ it like T-I-Tiz!!!!

The Obama Campaign vs. The Clinton Campaign

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My comments on the abc news website:

One of the reasons people don’t like Obama is b/c of his civility, respect, humility, convictions, and honesty. Why is this country and the people in it so allergic to these things? Why are people on this site not respectful of one another’s views even if they don’t agree? One of the reasons Obama can’t debate on a level that he would normally debate a male– It is b/c all candidates do what looks good in the public’s eye!! If a male looked like he was attacking Clinton (a woman) people would see him in that light. Face it–gender and race still play a factor whether we admit it or NOT. Don’t believe it? Check out the WV slaughter. The people not ready for change (old white folks and the uneducated working class). They still have trust issues that no one wants to admit. It doesn’t mean they are racist (well maybe some of the older folks)–it means that they are convicted just like Obama supporters are convicted to showing those set in their “old ways” that the old way of thinking is outdated, not servicing us the way they should and is no longer where we should place blind trust. He is walking a fine line, trying to keep his nose clean and trying not to succumb to the unheard of attacks that have not existed in any other campaign. Why isn’t McCain being crucified for his relationship with his pastor? (Have you heard his remarks about America?–probably not!). It’s on YouTube. Look it up. The definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and thinking that you will get a different outcome. We’ve done the Clintons, we’ve done the McCains…it’s time for a Change! YES WE CAN! I have faith in you even if we don’t completely agree.

Halle Berry Perfume Coming Soon!!!

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If you haven’t heard Halle Berry will soon release her own fragrance!! She will join the likes of Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez to name a few!!!


Look Who’s Back!!! — It’s Hanson? or Has beens?

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It’s Hanson!!!! –REMEMBER Mmm Bop!!?? I wonder where they’ve been!! LOL!! What a train wreck! Who told them… They could have a new album out!!! TMZ calls them the “Hanson Sisters”. I just can’t take it. How much can you make if you sale like 1 album / million people?

Wait…I have their first album in my stash somewhere. Bad memories.
Hanson brothers
I still can’t stop laughing. They couldn’t find a reality show?

Don’t get mad at me I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!

Star – Driveways?

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Can you guess what this is a picture of?


Answer: This is a picture of Nicholas Cage’s home. No. Excuse me…driveway. There is a whole site dedicated to the driveways of Stars (Celebrities). Featured homes belong to Helen Hunt, Jay Leno, and Burt Reynold’s…and more. Check it out.

I think I’ve seen everything now. What would be interesting to hear is how one came up with do drive-by photographs of peoples…driveways? She must be the boredest or nosiest person in the world! I don’t know you decide. It’s just bizarre if you ask me. Of course, we are voyeurs but, how far will we go? The driveways? It’s like…we’ll take even the most miniscule scraps of a celebrities life…The driveways? Enough. Even their lions at the gate aren’t safe anymore! O.K. maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe you want landscaping like Helen Hunt or you like Bette Middler’s flowers or Jennifer Lopez’s bird bath. I’m not quite sure. Maybe you want to recreate Oprah’s driveway on a miniature scale. As you can see…I’m just baffled. Albeit for me to knock somebody’s hustle…who am I kidding. It’s just plain dumb. It’s like getting the candy wrapper and no candy. It’s like getting the cone and no ice cream. You get my point. The world has gone mad.

Tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!! Because somebody has to.

Model Bitten by Snake

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I can’t stop laughing!! Nobody warned her?

Sorry couldn’t get it to embed

You have to see this!!

My advice to this woman: NEW Profession. It’s that simple.

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!