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Jon & Kate & Child Labor Laws – WTH?

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When we first met them we were in awe:  They were the brave couple who would dare to take on the task of sextuplets + the twins they already had…and survive.  Everyone who hear their story was in endeared by their heroic efforts (c’mon you watched their reality show!).  Americans and American companies were proud to lend and hand and align themselves with the couple and their 8 children.  The story was so compelling that TLC brought you their day-in-day-out story straight to your home…weekly even.  You got to spend some quality time with Jon & Kate and their 8 while sharing quality time with your own family.  You could share in their ups and downs and thank goodness that you weren’t in the same predicament.  Even more exciting was watching the 8 little munchkins grow and HOW Jon & Kate made it work.

Well…truth is…IT DIDN’T WORK. Jon and Kate fell into the same trap that 60% of all married couples fall into…”wow, didn’t think they really meant for better or worse” and “Oops…we had kids?” = DIVORCE.  Now that we see that our cherished valiant couple aren’t infallible after all…the voyeurs have had their fill of Jon & Kate– It’s time to cross them off the dessert menu!  With their failing failed marriage and tabloid rumors, everyone has gotten over the last euphoric first 5 years, quickly.  Even the government wants a piece of the once cute family — by investigating violation of Child Labor laws?   If this is true, you have to ask yourselves a few poignant questions…why now at this stage in the game? It’s been five years!! Have child labor laws changed drastically in the past 5 years? Where was the government 5 years ago?

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin Violating Child Labor Laws? | The Frisky

We have a habit of making celebrities.  There would be nothing wrong with that if we didn’t make them and then abandon them when they are not living up to our expectations. 

The Gosselins: We built them up, now it’s time to tear them down — like we always do.  Americans…so predictable when their bored.

Don’t get mad at me…I’m just tellin’ it like T-I-Tiiz!

Too many Social Networks???

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Which one and Why? Reddit, Digg, FBK, wordpress, Squidoo. Ning. How do you keep up and which are the best? Uuuugh! My head is spinning. Why??? Is this keeping people from being productive?

I started a Ning group for my photography, I have a ning group for my alumni friends, most of them hang out on Facebook, I’ve been doing delicious for about 2 years but figured there must be a better way, I know there are some programs that let you gather your social networks…which one? It’s all just too much!

There should be a limit to this social networking bizness.  People should maximize their efforts. Has anybody found a way?


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Dunk of the Decade?

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Finally someone showed and started making basketball exciting again!

Jilted Bride Gets 150K from Ex!

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This is what I call justice.

Too many people getting into marriages and commitments TO marry without any real thought.

It’s a good thing she didn’t marry this flake!

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Who Murdered Michael Jackson

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This question was asked on Facebook. WHO KILLED MICHAEL? I thought I’d bring it to the people.  So put your super sleuth cap on and let’s figure this out…Sherlock Holme’s style.

My Dearest Watson….”CAN we really blame the doctor?”


Who dun it?

Who dun it?

DEA Raids Michael Jackson’s Physician’s home

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Isn’t A Manslaughter Suspect, Spokeswoman Says

Officials Believe Jackson’s Doctor Gave Drug That Killed Michael Jackson


Michael Jacksons Family

Michael Jackson's Family

Michael Jackson estate ‘to support mother’

Family’s response to drug addiction?


Michaels Mockery

Michaels Mockery

Michael Jackson’s Child Molestation Charges
Posted February 8, 2004

On ebay?

Jackson Not Guilty!

Michael Jackson’s fateful prediction just a week before his death

Michael Rupert’s recent remarks

Michael predicts own death.

Michael’s Dermatoligist speaks

Never Land Auction

OR was it Michael himself?

larger than life Michael

larger than life Michael

Micheals evolution

Micheal's evolution

Michael Jackson ends world tour, blames addiction to painkillers
Jet, Nov 29, 1993

Michael Jackson Admits Drug Use in Testimony
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grace Rwaramba Speaks on Michael Jackson Drug Addiction

Drugs found in Michael’s home

Maureen Orth Recounts Michael’s Drug Addiction, The Molestation Charges And Why He Would Have Wanted To Die Like This

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jackson’s Nurse: Coroner’s Office Told Me Michael Was “Drug Addict”

In the absence of Michael there’s all these warm fuzzies. I’m really not sure how genuine they are.  It takes losing someone to figure out HOW important they are/WERE to us?  That’s sad.  Where was this sentiment when Michael needed his doctor’s trust, family’s strength, and the support of his fans? Don’t get hysterical…just say what you feel. I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!!

Let’s Discuss.

Jay-Z vs Kanye Fight!!!!???

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I’m remiss to believe this source. According to Media Take OUT a clash of the titans has occurred. Kanye and Jay-Z had a disagreement on stage in front of fans? I hope not. Fans pay them too much money to be entertained and provide a GOOD show. Who knows maybe this is part of the show. It’s not unheard of. However, if they truly lost professionalism on stage. Boo on them. IF THIS RUMOR IS TRUE…considering the source… this will be interesting how it plays out in the media. My guess is they will TRY to bury it. If NOT Kanye will open his big mouth and blab even if Jay-Z tries to stay away from it.

Don’t get mad at me!! I’m just tellin’ like it T-I-Tiiz!!!

MJ Unreleased Song

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Here’s a clip provideded by It’s short. MJ Clip

In the upcoming months, I’m sure we’ll be hearing MORE from MJ!

It’s kind of foreshadows his place today. MJ is a legend and he will be missed.