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Sarah Palins Biracial Grandchild!?

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This kid is either the smartest guy or the dumbest guy in the world. He has more than 300,000 hits for his video claiming to have a baby with Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin.

then what does he do? He discusses Sarah Palin and her family some more…

Then…he recants his story!!!

WTH?? What do you think about this. Is he a manipulative kid, did he get his 5 min of fame? Is he being paid? What do you think was the REAL motivation for the original video? This is wreckless. Can he be sued?

I think this is a young kid with too much time on his hands and I think he’s right about us being not focused on the issues. Don’t you feel dumb now if you bought into it? I don’t know if Sarah Palin ever found out about this little hoax and what she thinks? i haven’t heard anything about it in reputable newspapers.

The kid needs to find something better to do…I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!


Chrome – Google’s New Browser Sounds Dangerous

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Chrome has been around a little while and I may be late on the take but…I’ve decided as soon as I clean my computer off that I’m going to try it. Why? Why not. I have a mac and Safari is a little different but not much. What I’ve found as the difference between browsers matters little for average users. All the Geek freaks out there may have a preference (I’d love to hear them) for me…ehh. Reviews have described Chrome as simpler, understandable, different, faster and smarter. With reviews like that who can pass up the opportunity to at least try it out!!….We’ll see if Google’s Chrome changes my mind.

I’ll BE BACK — with an update

You can try google chrome here!!

Halle Berry Vs. Sarah Palin – Halle Berry Wins!!!

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What’s really funny? On the day that I write a post about Sara Palin, Halle Berry’s old Post in which she wins the Most Fabulous 40 somethings gets more views than Sarah Palin –More than twice the amount! That tells us where the minds of Americans are and just how distracted they aren’t by Sarah Palin and her announcement. Yesterday, my Sarah Palin quickie overview was only viewed 35 times compared to Halle Berry’s 85. To be fair it may have just been a crappy post. LOl! I’m not sure you decide. I guess we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. So far today…Halle Berry is winning!!! Maybe I’ll pit Sara Palin against against another topic and see who wins tomorrow.

Don’t be mad at me I’m just here tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!!!

The New Image Uploader Works for me!!

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I absolutely love it!!– Once I got used to it that is. Let’s face it people hate change and you just might hate the NEW image loader if you’re use to the old one. I hated switching from PC to Mac I still don’t get as much productivity out of my Mac as I probably should. Why? Because I hate change!! It’s killing me to figure out every little nuance.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, The image uploader’s gallery feature is awesome. Not having to go back and forth after uploading each picture and putting in captions at the same time not only saves time but makes more sense. I do however wish that I didn’t have to reopen the window after “inserting image into post”! That sucks. It should insert and allow me to insert others if I want.

Damnit!! I guess I just have to get use to it!

Kung Fu Panda

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if you want to see a movie that makes you smile from beginning to end…Kung Fu Panda is it. It is a believable feel good animated movie full of positive messages and wise sayings. It is a movie that you can be happy that you took the time to enjoy. Jack Black has finally let his humor take him to a place that works for just about everyone! This is a must see movie for families!

300 — What a Few Good Men Can Do!!

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300 – Someone asked me if this was a good movie.

It took me a couple of days to decide whether or not I liked this movie. It was how do I put it?… engaging.

For the men: A fair share of boobage and lots of blood, guts and valor.

For the women: Lots of valor, lots of beautiful men with no shirts, lots of beautiful images, blood and guts (for those of us who like those kinds of things).

The plot: It’s been done.

Historical value: I’m no historian, but I think the Persians were a bit personified and well…the bad guys probably really didn’t look like that or act like that. It might’ve made folks a little uncomfortable. Who knows but, it was fun for the movie…right?

Cinematography: I am no expert, but I loved the cinematography-it was great!!! It reminded you of a video game at times but, I liked it…it tentalized the senses. I heard somewhere that someone complained that there was “too much visual stimulation”? What?– No such thing!!

The next question then is what should you get out of a “good” movie. And does a “good” movie mean the same thing to everyone? I mean is it an all or none effect? I’m not sure because I like a few movies whose plots are well…non-existent.

It’s out on DVD now…you should really check it out!! I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz

Tay Zonday or Adam Bahner: Today’s internet Phenom – Freak or Prophet? Which do we accept?

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Tay Zonday in the studio…

Tay Zonday on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show: here his voice is a little less suprisingly abrasive

Who is Tay Zonday?
Where did Tay Zonday come from?
Why is he Today’s/This week’s Phenom?
Is Tay Zonday a profound prophet?

First, let me say…I commend anyone who is creative and willing to put themselves out there for people like Tiz to analyze. I think any young person in today’s day and age speaking out for positive change gets my vote! Since I make it my business to Tell it Like it T-I-Tiz!!! I’m just as interested in Zonday is considered a phenomenon or a great prophet, just because he points out that there are injustices in this world! While I won’t answer all the above questions in this discussion…I will direct you to other places that may have a little more on his biography.

Tay Zonday: His outspoken rhetoric in song is NOT truly new! Then why all they hype? His deep voice and unique look make him Today’s / This week’s Internet Phenomenon and tomorrow’s whatever he makes of his 15 minutes!!

I’ll repeat: Musician Zonday or Student Dr. Adam Bahner has not said or done anything new!!! Is he the ONLY one speaking out against society’s ills? The answer — NO!! He just happens to say it in a forum that most people younger than 35 are are no longer accustom. I will agree that he IS in the singing minority –choosing to sing about political issues is not usually a money raker. For that I respect his choice. But, singers have been political in the past. Sinead O’Connor. Bono. Even more similar Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on” was a political wake-up battle cry and be nice feel good song. It is comparable to Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain”. So why is Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain” song getting so much attention?

My answer: We love different. His deep voice coming from his child-like face is so unexpected. His controversial views are not surprising after reading a little more about him. Although, stated to be “shy”, he paradoxically seeks to be controversial. Different and controversial. This is a successful hard-hitting combination in America…and apparently worldwide. Some are actually considering Zonday to be a modern day prophet?

Are there no others who haven spoken out with the same fervor, compassion, similar doctrine, and views? Yes. There are. Yet he is being revered as a prophet. I am not saying that he isn’t. I am saying…he hasn’t done anything all that different or compelling than many other scholars that remain anonymous. He should be added to the pool of great thinkers of today. Yes, he has something to say. Why in particular is he being heard? This is why I decided to do a small google detective work on Zonday. I already knew the answer but, the hunt was fun any how. In my research, one of the things that became evident as I read comments about him over the internet was whether or not they accepted his dogma and supported his cause. It would seem…once people thought that this funny looking brown skin kid might’ve hinted at being…shhh….black? He message wasn’t as profound and his reverance as prophet was diminished.

Yes, I said it. It’s funny, as long as Zonday is racially ambiguous, seemingly walking the fence or ambiguous in his “teachings” as in this HHN interview . He was taken seriously and a great many people tended to support his views, listen to him and rally behind him. “Yes, we should all recognize that the world is a plague of a place for some! You McDonald addicts!!” I can hear them shouting!!! In short, He is heard and accepted. Once he identifies himself as possibly claiming a race as he might have some years earlier in an article a few years earlier in 2004. He no longer deserves to be credited, revered or heard! At least that’s my interpretation of one thread of comments. Follow these comments to see this phenomenon for yourself.

My response to this article pointed out: Pleas note that Zonday has learned over time: Bahner’s Blackcommentator article, “If I got shot by the Police” written 3 years ago, whereas, his hhnlive interview was this year! In this interview, he declines being labeled by race, companionship or any other title. He comes across as an untamed self-taught thinker that shuns all of today’s societal norms. He’s not shunning his fans though…he ultimate knows where his money will come from if he’s going to make it in entertainment. Both articles show his growth, his ability to adapt. He has learned HOW to deal with the public and their demands, expectations and opinions and how to be accepted and heard. This alone shows that he’s smart…not his annoying “Chocolate Rain” song. Adapt! in order to be heard or accepted! Be ambiguous! There’s precedence for this: In politics – Obama. In entertainment – Halle Berry!

The only way that America will accept a minority race is for them to be ambiguous??!! The fact that that person reminds them of NOone means that they are looking out for the good of ALL people. This thought process in itself shows that racially we have gotten NOWHERE!! This means that we can’t assume that our WHITE or BLACK leaders could possibly be non-biased enough governing the law-of-the-land to consider others outside of their own race. What does this say about our political system as it stands and as it has been since the founding of this country??!!

WE can’t just paint Barbie brown, masking the fact that the problem with Barbie in the first place is still there!!!

Zonday is not as “Profound” as some might think. He is just today’s something to talk about. He is not saying anything new people! This world is F*d up!! Pay attention!

Don’t get mad me I’m just Tellin’ it Like it T-Tiz!! about Tay Zonday!!!

More on Zonday if you want to continue to check this guy Tay Zonday out!!:

If you goto YouTube and type in Tay Zonday. You’ll get over 1200 hits.
There are multiple spoofs of Chocolate Rain!
He has other songs that can be found on his website below.
There’s a Vanilla Snow!! –get it?
Tay Zonday’s video has over 700,000 hits.
He has his own website too.

Here are some other articles talking about the guy:
on MTV
His website!
His myspace page! — Be careful. He’s chocolate raining all over the place with his more than 13,000 friends. You might want to turn down the volume!!
His YOUTube Broadcast yourself page!
Song meaning? I don’t really recommend this site b/c their comments are not well-monitored but if you’re interested.
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