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Jay-Z vs Kanye Fight!!!!???

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I’m remiss to believe this source. According to Media Take OUT a clash of the titans has occurred. Kanye and Jay-Z had a disagreement on stage in front of fans? I hope not. Fans pay them too much money to be entertained and provide a GOOD show. Who knows maybe this is part of the show. It’s not unheard of. However, if they truly lost professionalism on stage. Boo on them. IF THIS RUMOR IS TRUE…considering the source… this will be interesting how it plays out in the media. My guess is they will TRY to bury it. If NOT Kanye will open his big mouth and blab even if Jay-Z tries to stay away from it.

Don’t get mad at me!! I’m just tellin’ like it T-I-Tiiz!!!


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon = MARRIED

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OMG!!! I can not believe it. Yes, you’ve heard it first right here. O.K. I heard it on E! It is CONFIRMED! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are Married! I’m going to repeat this b/c I didn’t believe it. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are MARRIED! This means that Mariah is now Mariah Cannon? Boo! He gave her a 2.5 million dollar original Jacobs & Co. ring! It’s one of a kind with touches of pink of course. I’m surprised it wasn’t a butterfly. This is the most unpredicted couple in the history of couples. Yes, I’m kind of exaggerating. I’m going on record saying that this is NOT going to last. I realize that odd couples seem to be the IN thing like Janet Jackson and the frog lookin’ guy What’s his name? But, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey? I guess I heard a little bit ago… I didn’t think it was serious. I never really have doubts about the celeb get- togethers but this one seems highly unplausible (is that a word?). I will say I may be biased b/c I’ve had a crush on Nick Cannon since before Drumline but it was solidified during Drumline. He became a serious actor at this point. I’m still in shock. Mariah…just doesn’t seem stable. If they last a year..I’l be surprised and I even predict a baby at that point if not sooner. Just like Halle she is immediately going for the conception. Think about it. She’s needy and needs attention. Remember her suicide attempt (pooor little rich girl). I think her CD wasn’t as platinum as she wanted it to be at time. This may even be a publicity stunt–who knows? It’s been done before Priscilla Presley and Michael Jackson (another unlikely couple). Weren’t they just at the Teen Choice Awards? What’s even more disgusting is that E! felt the need to interrupt the top Going Postal moments to make this announcement –three times!

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!!