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What’s worse than a crooked cop?

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A Politician for sale! Governor Rod Blagojevich caught red-handed trying to SALE the empty Senate seat that Obama leaves behind to the highest bidder. At least four unknown people took the bait! Little did he know the FBI was waiting in the wings and taping his conversations, which were enlightening, lude, and telling. The conversations revealed that Blagojevich was no stranger to four letter expletives when not getting what he wanted. All caught on tape and reported. Blagojevich was arrested BEFORE he could choose the Senate seat. A day before the governor promised that he would use discretion in choosing the seat. He is now out on 4500 bail.

The bigger question: Was Obama involved?

Illinois can puff their shoulders out with pride and say…Obama was NOT for sale!! and was in no way involved! Although he was approached, he declined the request with his thanks and appreciation. To that the governor replied, “F* that motherf*”. Unfortunately, Illinois can not gloat over Obama’s good judgment, with the cloud of shame that Governor Blagojevich leaves over the state. The Governor was involved in multiple other accusations and due to his shenanigans; Illinois will have a permanent stain as having one of the most crooked scandals in our nations history. I am from Illinois.

Will wonders never cease. We were in Presidential heaven NOW this. This is worse than trying to take Obama down with a birth certificate. I say give him the chair for abusing his office. I could care less about the 4 letter words we are all guilty of that at some point and time. I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!
What do you think about the whole thing?

President – elect Barack Obama Born in Kenya

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They just will not let this man have an uneventful fall into grace!!

Let it go people. His birth certificate is from Hawaii AND valid. Hillary probably already turned over that card!! Wouldn’t you think? She’s a Clinton after all.