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Another Celebrity Bites The Dust? Chris Brown?

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09 February 2009 – Los Angeles, CA – Robin Fenty aka Rihanna. Rihanna, 20, was the victim in the alleged assault involving R & B Singer Chris Brown. Responding to a 911 call about a disturbance, the LAPD took statements from a female with visible injuries, who named Chris Brown as her attacker. Brown is charged with making criminal threats and may face additional charges at the discretion of L.A.’s district attorney’s office. File Photo: 30 August 2006 – 6th Annual BMI Urban Awards New York City. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

We’ll see what tolerance Americans has for this kind of behavior. Our girls are experiencing this everyday. Should he be made an exampleof?

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!


Rapper (Master P) starts New Cable Station?

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According to the Chicago Suntimes rapper and entrepreneur Master P is poised to launch his BBTV in 2009. He has teamed up with many celebrities including Denzel Washington. His station will provide alternative content and programming to MTV’s BET. It is aimed at persons of color yet still appeal to people of varied background. Will Master P be able to compete with BET and TVOne (also with the same target market?).

All I’m going to say is this will be interesting to see. Master P is a renowned pioneer, “hustler,” and philanthropist (I think that’s the right word). He’s even made his son into a brand name. He’s had his own potato chips and a few straight to DVD movies. However, Master doesn’t really have the reputation or resume you would expect of someone who had the ability to bring a successful family oriented cable network to the masses. Then again, nobody expected Bernie Mac or Ice Cube or Ice T to make their fortunes in family oriented shows on prime time or on the big screen –but they did! There are many critics out there that don’t believe Master P will even get close to success in this particular business venture. I won’t be a nay sayer –but I am skeptical. If Master P Theater featuring Black Superman and Uncle P are any indications of Master P’s creative skills –hopefully he doesn’t make the mistake of placing himself as creative director or producer of any of his programming… in that situation he would be setting himself up for failure! If he isn’t wise enough to hire a team of professionals who actually KNOW the industry then I would have to concur…the network is going down the toilet like a fresh one!

Don’t get mad at me I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiz!!!!

For your amusement:
Gangsta’ Potato Chips — a Master P invention

Bernie Mac — Dead?? : UPDATE!!!

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Nope. The title eludes to Bernie Mac being deceased b/c last night I got a Text stating his death as a fact! Yes. While painting the town red last night, a girlfriend of mine (who forewent painting) bothered herself to send me a text stating that Bernie Mac, the comedian and entertainer from Ocean’s 11 and other well-known films has “died”! I immediately sought sympathy from my surrounding friends who were out painting with me. No one wanted to believe it but, my friend said she got the info. from CNN’s own Nancy Grace that he was hospitalized earlier and now he was “dead”. I felt bad and then someone said something interesting…. “Did you Google it?”

I hadn’t thought to Google even though I held the latest of technologies in the palm of my hand. Why should I? I had taken my girlfriend’s words for truth. I’d known her for years to be a gossip, but I was sure she wouldn’t say…”dead” unless she herself had confirmed it. Much to my dismay I already felt that feeling in the pit of my stomach coming on stronger than ever…Was I? passing on an untrue rumor? This was the perfect set-up to just be flat out wrong. Now, I had to hope that the words that were coming out of my mouth were true (sorry Bernie) but, I didn’t want to be part of the gossip chain. I don’t mind stating facts and my opinion on them but to spread a rumor that just isn’t true…well, that’s not me.

Lo and behold…She ONLY had it 1/2 right. Not ONLY is Bernie Mac NOT dead…he was hospitalized for pneumonia and is recovering according to his publicist who had to release a statement in order to dispel the rumor that had quickly spread to the masses! Where did it come from who knows and who cares? I’m ashamed that I was one of the ones who just should’ve kept their mouths shut!!!

Sometimes I even have to tell myself like it T-I-tiiz!!

Unfortunately, when this was originally posted, Bernie Mac’s death was just an ugly rumor. Now it is a sad reality. It turns out that Bernie Mac has passed on. We shall miss his contributions and the humor he brought to us all.


Britney Spears Arrested?

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Lookin\' better than ever???

Lookin' better than ever???

NOPE!! NOT THIS TIME FOLKS!!! Sorry to disappoint. Britney spears is out of rehab, staying out of trouble, and possibly making a comeback!! Apparently, Britney is attempting to get it together. She was seen at a recent charity event according to OMG looking better than ever!! Can she keep it up long enough to complete an entire album and promote better than her previous ‘Blackout’ album which sold less than a million copies in the US? Although, I’m not a fan…I’d rather see her on top of her game than looking as pitiful as she has lately.

Don’t get mad at me…I‘m just Tellin’ it Like it T-I-Tiz!!!!