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Who Murdered Michael Jackson

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This question was asked on Facebook. WHO KILLED MICHAEL? I thought I’d bring it to the people.  So put your super sleuth cap on and let’s figure this out…Sherlock Holme’s style.

My Dearest Watson….”CAN we really blame the doctor?”


Who dun it?

Who dun it?

DEA Raids Michael Jackson’s Physician’s home

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Isn’t A Manslaughter Suspect, Spokeswoman Says

Officials Believe Jackson’s Doctor Gave Drug That Killed Michael Jackson


Michael Jacksons Family

Michael Jackson's Family

Michael Jackson estate ‘to support mother’

Family’s response to drug addiction?


Michaels Mockery

Michaels Mockery

Michael Jackson’s Child Molestation Charges
Posted February 8, 2004

On ebay?

Jackson Not Guilty!

Michael Jackson’s fateful prediction just a week before his death

Michael Rupert’s recent remarks

Michael predicts own death.

Michael’s Dermatoligist speaks

Never Land Auction

OR was it Michael himself?

larger than life Michael

larger than life Michael

Micheals evolution

Micheal's evolution

Michael Jackson ends world tour, blames addiction to painkillers
Jet, Nov 29, 1993

Michael Jackson Admits Drug Use in Testimony
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grace Rwaramba Speaks on Michael Jackson Drug Addiction

Drugs found in Michael’s home

Maureen Orth Recounts Michael’s Drug Addiction, The Molestation Charges And Why He Would Have Wanted To Die Like This

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jackson’s Nurse: Coroner’s Office Told Me Michael Was “Drug Addict”

In the absence of Michael there’s all these warm fuzzies. I’m really not sure how genuine they are.  It takes losing someone to figure out HOW important they are/WERE to us?  That’s sad.  Where was this sentiment when Michael needed his doctor’s trust, family’s strength, and the support of his fans? Don’t get hysterical…just say what you feel. I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!!

Let’s Discuss.

MJ Unreleased Song

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Here’s a clip provideded by It’s short. MJ Clip

In the upcoming months, I’m sure we’ll be hearing MORE from MJ!

It’s kind of foreshadows his place today. MJ is a legend and he will be missed.