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SHOULD Size Matter?

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What SHOULD Matter?

So apparently size and more matters when it comes to anchors.

Check out Uncle Barky’s thoughts on the matter – interesting.

Do we really care who we hear who killed who from? A pleasant personality and speaking manner is all I require? What about you?

Folks visit the site. See what you think. Is it time change some thangs? Don’t get mad at me I’m just tellingitlikeit T-I-Tiz!


P.O.’d about T.O.!!!

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What Next

What Next

T.O. just got jilted and Dallas Cowboys (DC) couldn’t really give a clear answer as to why!!! We all know he’s trouble but we’ve gotten use to that!!!!

As a matter of fact, if you’ll be honest with yourself…his antics keep us watching HIM as well as the game. We all wonder what will he do next. You don’t have to like the guy to enjoy his athleticism, you just want him to perform. He DOES perform… Should Terrell Owens get the axe b/c he’s a cocky @(!@#$%^&&? I don’t think so. He could use a lesson in humble pie but, if he performs…gotta’ let em play. He has some years left.

So the questions remain: Should Dallas have let T.O. go? Did anyone watch the interview with the DC owner? Did you believe him when he said he “thought about it” and that T.O. is a “natural leader”? He wants us to have the perception that it’s all business and not personal. Give me a break! It’s personal.

Do you think T.O. is THE scapegoat for Dallas NOT heading to the Superbowl this year? -Yes.

Does T.O. think more of himself than he should? –Yes. But if he didn’t would he be as valuable? Didn’t T.O. outperform all other running backs this season? – I think so. Uuuuugh! There are better players, he’s 35, but he IS performing.

Where do you think he’ll end up?

Chicago is already mounting up the propaganda (just say no to T.O.). –that’s rough.

I really hate that OWNERS have the power to just CUT players like that. Do they get any type of compensation for unfulfilled contracts (other than the millions of dollars they already got)? It just has the familiar feel and smell of cattle trading.

Dallas just messed with this man’s pay check, I feel bad for him. He’s the black sheep every where he goes, but I think that’s a lot of his fault. His PROS still outweigh his CONS!

I’m just tellin’ it like it T-I-Tiiz!!

On another note…anyone watching the draft picks?