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Too many Social Networks???

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Which one and Why? Reddit, Digg, FBK, wordpress, Squidoo. Ning. How do you keep up and which are the best? Uuuugh! My head is spinning. Why??? Is this keeping people from being productive?

I started a Ning group for my photography, I have a ning group for my alumni friends, most of them hang out on Facebook, I’ve been doing delicious for about 2 years but figured there must be a better way, I know there are some programs that let you gather your social networks…which one? It’s all just too much!

There should be a limit to this social networking bizness.  People should maximize their efforts. Has anybody found a way?


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The New Image Uploader Works for me!!

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I absolutely love it!!– Once I got used to it that is. Let’s face it people hate change and you just might hate the NEW image loader if you’re use to the old one. I hated switching from PC to Mac I still don’t get as much productivity out of my Mac as I probably should. Why? Because I hate change!! It’s killing me to figure out every little nuance.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, The image uploader’s gallery feature is awesome. Not having to go back and forth after uploading each picture and putting in captions at the same time not only saves time but makes more sense. I do however wish that I didn’t have to reopen the window after “inserting image into post”! That sucks. It should insert and allow me to insert others if I want.

Damnit!! I guess I just have to get use to it!